Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 227: Modern Pentathlon with Dan Gregor

Dan Gregor

Dan Gregor, writer for CBS's "How I Met Your Mother", joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of youth fishing, Heathcliff, business cards, and the London Olympics.


MacArthur Park Lake

I could be wrong but I believe it's actually a natural lake. During the construction of a public transit line in the 80's the lake was given a cement bottom. It's fed by natural springs. It most likely has some fish species native to Southern California and non-native fish. The fish are considered safe to eat. Though Karp be tastin' nasty and be all bony and shit.


The snake thing isn't as it seemed.

"This photo is out of context. I was there on the day. There were a couple of guys that were clearly the owners and were taking care of the snakes. They were letting people take photos with the snakes around their necks for a couple dollars tip. They are boa constrictors, non-venomous, and if you keep them well-fed, pretty sedate and harmless."