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Go Fact Yourself - Live! Featuring Frank DeCaro and Pamela Ribon

12/03/2017 - 17:00 - 18:30
Los Angeles, CA
Venue Name: 
Angel City Brewery

216 Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Come out for a live taping of Go Fact Yourself, a gameshow from J. Keith van Straaten, Jim Newman, and Maximum Fun.

Host: J. Keith van Straaten!

Co-host: Helen Hong!

Guests: Frank DeCaro and Pamela Ribon!

Go Fact Yourself features hilarious guests, intelligent questions, and renowned experts. Join us for a live taping of this show at Angel City Brewery!

Tickets are FREE, but you need to RSVP here!

Bonus Beats for EP8: Ernest Hardy on Sade's "Love Deluxe"


Our conversation with Ernest Hardy about Sade's "Love Deluxe" was fantastic but it did run just a bit long so we sliced off this bit, a tangent partially about Sade's popularity amongst house DJs/producers.

Listen here

Stop Podcasting Yourself 505 - James Hartnett


Comedian James Hartnett joins us to talk '90s internet, the Menendez Brothers, and sleeping on a dang boat.

Download episode 505 here. (right-click)

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Ross and Carrie Traverse Flat Earth (Part 3): Flat Earth International Conference 2017


Ross and Carrie tune in for the first Flat Earth conference in 500 years and get served a huge helping of mashed potatoes from speakers Darryle Marble and Jeran Campanella. Hear disclaimers that this is not a religious thing, alternated with religious proclamations. Also, learn to think for yourself on pressing issues such as: which root beer is best?

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Heat Rocks, EP 8: Ernest Hardy on Sade's "Love Deluxe" (1992)

Heat Rocks
Ernest Hardy

The album: Sade: Love Deluxe (Epic., 1992)

This week, we are joined by cultural critic Ernest Hardy. Oliver first got to know Ernest through his remarkable writing in the LA Weekly and other outlets, some of which has been compiled into his Blood Beats Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 collections. For this episode, he chose Sade's Love Deluxe, which came out 25 years ago this fall. Ernest's deep love and appreciation for Sade was readily apparent to both Morgan and Oliver and it produced what we think is one of the most insightful episodes we've taped thus yet. We really loved this episode, we hope you do too.

More on Sade and Love Deluxe:

More on Ernest Hardy:

Show Tracklisting:

  • Sade: No Ordinary Love
  • Massive Attack: Blue Lines
  • Smith and Mighty: Too Late
  • Sade: King of Sorrow
  • Sade: Pearls
  • Funk Brothers: Since I Lost You (Instrumental)
  • Sade: Cherish the Day
  • Sade: Feel No Pain
  • Sade: When Am I Going to Make a Living
  • Sade: Clean Heart
  • Sade: Pearls (Live, Hollywood Bowl)
    Sade: Bulletproof Soul
  • Sade: Somewhere In My Sadness
  • Sade: Kiss of Life

(Also, this episode was edited by co-host Oliver Wang!)
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The Greatest Generation Ep 184: Achilles’ Ear (DS9 S1E6)


When Vash returns from the Gamma Quadrant with a sack full of toys, she brings back with her a person who knows when she’s asleep and when she’s awake. But when an auction for the quadrant’s hottest item starts causing bangers all over DS9, it’ll take more than a six finger discount to end the bidding. What kinds of holosuite programs does O’brien use to unwind after work? Have we seen ear diddling before? Is Vash more of a “cowboy” or “medium single” type? It’s an episode that was written for the wrong series!

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast - Episode 29 - Professor Colin Plenty

Kevin Eldon
Gemma Arrowsmith

Kevin Eldon joins in for this episode in which we speak to Professor Colin Plenty from the British Farming Rare Breeds Society about the recent sighting of the rare pygmy cow.

By Benjamin Partridge, Kevin Eldon and everyone who phoned the Beef and Dairy Network answerphone. Thanks to Gemma Arrowsmith.

Stock media provided by Setuniman/ and Soundrangers/

MaxFunCon 2018 Tickets Go On Sale November 24, 2017!


In one week, when you're sitting around full of Thanksgiving pie (or just Thursday pie, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving), why not make it a perfect day by buying yourself a ticket to the most fun weekend of the year? MaxFunCon is a weekend-long gathering full of friendship, creativity, education, and comedy that takes place at beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA from June 8-10, 2018. Tickets go on sale at on Friday, November 24, 2017 at 11am PST. We expect them to sell out very quickly, so be sure to mark your calendar and get your ticket right away!

Please note, MaxFunCon East will not return in 2018. Thank you all for joining us in September, and we hope to see you at Lake Arrowhead!

Al Franken, Roy Moore, Republican Tax Bill, “Terrible Men” with Rachel Stine, Papa John’s, Trump Tweets, Is “Get Out” a Comedy? Taylor Swift: Secret Nazi? Marijuana Overdose Debunk, Violent Protests In Poland, Steve Mnuchin Photo


INTRO 0:25

Travis is in Chicago

Bevs Like These

Australia votes for marriage equality


Papa John’s Neo-nazi Tweet

Taylor Swift: “Secret Nazi?”

“Get Out” vs Golden Globes

Marijuana Overdose Debunk

Poland Nationalist March



Trump Tweets

Roy Moore

Al Franken

Sexual Harassment in Congress

Steve Mnuchin Money Photo

Republican Tax Bill Update

TIDBITS 1:26:00

Don Jr. & Wikileaks

Cards Against Humanity vs. Trump

Shep Smith debunks Uranium One

North California Shooting

Keystone XL Pipeline Leaks

Russian Ambassador re: Trump Campaign

WI-FIVE 1:33:49

OUTRO 1:35:01

Judge John Hodgman LIVE at San Francisco Sketchfest!

01/11/2018 - 20:00 - 21:30
San Francisco, CA
Venue Name: 
Castro Theatre

Judge John Hodgman LIVE at San Francisco Sketchfest!
Thursday January 11, 2018 at 8:00pm

Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114


Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn are riding the circuit to bring Live Justice to a stage near you.

Direct from Judge John Hodgman Podcast (named Fifteenth in Rolling Stone’s top 20 comedy podcasts!), Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Thorn are bringing their mix of non-swearing comedy, pop culture obsession, and sheer, unadulterated fake legal wisdom to the stage.

Along with surprises, special guests, and live justice lightning rounds, each show will feature a number of live hearings between people in your town. Judge Hodgman will listen to both sides and then tell them who is right and who is wrong.

Previous disputes have included:
-is a hot dog a sandwich?
-when is it may someone else’s Chinese food be legally considered abandoned property?
-is it OK to rifle through the trash for prize coupons in a Canadian pizza parlor?
-will you order my mom to buy me a motorcycle and a vape pen?

If you have a long-simmering fight with a friend or loved one that you’d finally like resolved, submit your case to and specify that you wish to be heard live on stage and tell us where you live.

Or, just shut your pie hole and come and enjoy the show!

For more info on San Francisco Sketchfest click here.

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