TRANSCRIPT Still Buffering: StrongBad

Disclaimer: Yes, we know we had an audio goof this week and Sydnee and Rileigh sound different than they usually do. We’re sorry if it affects your listening, and we promise it won’t happen again!

Rileigh was unaware of the magical, glorious, internet world of StrongBad until Candlenights this year, so Teylor knew it was their duty to rectify this travesty. Now that Rileigh is significantly more cultured, let’s talk about it!

Podcast: Still Buffering

Episode number: 247

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Join real-life sisters Sydnee McElroy (Sawbones), Teylor Smirl, and Rileigh Smirl as they help bridge the gap between the teenagers of yesterday and today. “How do you party?” “What do I do with all this hair?” Still Buffering has the answer.

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