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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 233: New Meat Wants a Nod with Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson, from the podcast You Look Nice Today, joins Jesse and Jordan for a discussion of 7-Up salads, Sissy Bounce, Beavers in Canada, and Jordan's most recent audition.

Action items:

What song should Jordan sing for his first karaoke song?
What merit badges should we have for Rocket Patrol?

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Couch to 5K


Couch to 5K: the iPhone App from lonelysandwich on Vimeo.

There are a few types of regular listeners from whom I hear. These are people for whom audio content is an important and regular part of their day. There are public transportation commuters. There are animators, artists and graphic designers. Then, there are runners.

Lucius Kwok is a longtime supporter of MaxFun, and a good friend of You Look Nice Today's Adam Lisagor. Together they made this video for Lucius' very cool-sounding app, which combines personal guidelines for couch-to-5K training with your iTunes library.

My hope is that this will train a new generation of MaxFun listener-runners.

MaxFunMarathon Hours Seven and Eight


Hour Seven with Adam Lisagor and Superego

Hour Eight with Mike Schmidt and Eugene O'Neill

A Tribute to The Fishstick


Two years ago, our friends You Look Nice Today released an episode called Sacks-Minnelli Disease, which featured a description of a dance called The Fishstick. Traditionally, the Fishstick is performed to "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell & the Drells, one of my all-time favorite songs of all-time (top 5, for real). Adam Lisagor, aka Lonely Sandwich, made a fishstick video, and a cultural phenomenon was born. Above, a fan tribute video celebrating two years of this wonderful dance.

Bonus: Stop Podcasting Yourself with Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson
Dave Shumka
Graham Clark

A special treat for Jordan, Jesse, Go! subscribers: a show from our newest MaxFun affiliate, Stop Podcasting Yourself. This one features our old pal Scott Simpson from You Look Nice Today. Enjoy the show, and subscribe to SPY in iTunes!

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