Jordan, Jesse, GO! Episode: 209: Macaroni & Bees with Dave Horwitz, Jen Goldberg & Eric Martin


On this weeks JJGO! Dave Horwitz Jen Goldberg & Eric Martin join Jordan in the club house for some Bud Light Limes and Good Times! The usual themes are discussed like Spartacus' dong, the margarita guitar and that guy who blogs about the blogs about video games. Let's Go!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode: 208: The Sex Dungeon With Chris Fairbanks & Alison Becker


While Jesse's away Jordan invites Chris Fairbanks and Aison Becker to the newly renovated sex dungeon! Can't buy me love? Dubstep? Cats? Yup, just the kind of Dungeon you'd expect on Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Jenna Fischer, Jack Handey, Video Game Picks and Kasper Hauser

Jenna Fischer
Jack Handey
Heather Anne Campbell
Kasper Hauser

This week!
Video Game Picks: Comedian and video game journalist Heather Anne Campbell tells us about some of the games she's most excited about right now: a game in the canon of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Resident Evil Revelations. (Embed or share this segment)

Actress Jenna Fischer: Emmy-nominated actress Jenna Fischer, best known for her role as Pam on The Office, talks to us about her early days in Hollywood – her totally-made-up-sounding first acting gig in LA, auditioning for The Office, and what all the actors are doing on their computers when they're in the background of a shot. The Office is now in its eighth season. (Embed or share this segment)

Kasper Hauser: San Francisco-based comedy sketch group Kasper Hauser takes us to the set of Mundos de Perros. You can find more from them on their podcast, or catch them live this week at SF Sketchfest. Click here for the Kasper Hauser podcast.

Humorist Jack Handey: Yes, he's totally real. Writer Jack Handey, whose one-liners are an enduring part of Saturday Night Live history, will talk about his days as Steve Martin's neighbor, and which of the many, many Deep Thoughts are his favorites. Plus, Jesse will reveal his favorite SNL sketch of all time. (Embed or share this segment)

The Outshot: And finally, the outshot for this week – Bo Jackson. How is a guy that fast, that strong? And how is a guy that strong, that fast? (Embed or share this segment)

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Jesse Thorn Interview On Earbuddy


For a change of pace, Jesse Thorn played interviewee to Chris Bell who operates Earbuddy, a website dedicated to introducing it's readers to new music.

The two talk about the nicest man in rock n' roll (Andrew W.K.) Jesse's relationship with the Judge himself- Mr.John Hodgman and how online piracy affects content. Read and enjoy!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 207: Tweet Ed. with Merrill Markoe


Author and comedy great Merrill Markoe joins Jordan and Jesse to drop a little knowledge about the best tweets, the perils of house sitting and a Rick Moranis comeback, which starts on Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Chris Lilley Interview on AVclub.com


Last week on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, we had Chris Lilley on to talk about Summer Heights High and Angry Boys.

The AV Club has kindly put the transcript up on their site with a foreward by, who else, Jesse Thorn. Go read it!

Judge John Hodgman Episode 48: The Wonderful, Terrible, Terrible Towel Trouble


Bobby and Katie are dating and like many young couples are at odds over towels. But unlike most domesticated disputes of the household variety, these towels serve a higher, almost divine purpose. To their fans, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a place amongst the heavens - the most memorable play in Steelers history is called the Immaculate Reception! Just as the many religions of the world have their own iconography, so too does Steeler Nation in the form of the “Terrible Towel.”

Bobby has become a Steelers fan within the past year and a half he’s been dating Katie. Bobby purchased a towel (the proceeds go towards an autism charity) and feels that once it’s yours and the money has gone on the charity, you are free to do what you want with it. He also asserts that his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers is no less than those ordained from birth.

Katie, being born into the Steeler family, has the utmost respect and pride for the Towel. She offers that the towel is more than a foam finger or a pom-pom, and that the towel and the history of the franchise are one in the same. Its disrespect in any way is an affront to the team and the charity it supports.

So, should the towel be treated as a weaving of fabrics meant to absorb liquids or as a sacred object of one of football’s most historic franchises? Only one man has the secular fortitude to decide on the next Judge John Hodgman!


Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 206: Moonlight Hike with Eddie Pepitone


Eddie Pepitone takes a constitutional and joins Jordan and Jesse to discuss the antiques roadshow, Jordan's hot wings addiction and the alarming red flag that is a Hello Kitty Collection. Take a moonlight walk and Let's Go!

BULLSEYE: The Outshot, Week of January 3rd, 2012

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Jesse's pick for this week, the anthem "F--- 'Em" from Bay Area rapper .

Outshot: E-40 - F*** 'Em by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

BULLSEYE: Chris Lilley, Creator of HBO's Angry Boys


Chris Lilley, the Australian comedian and showrunner, talks about his new series Angry Boys. The show pushes boundaries with his faux-documentary of characters in different stages of life and scenes of adolescent torment. Lilley plays six characters, occasionally side by side, a natural continuation of his work in the acclaimed Summer Heights High. You can catch Angry Boys on HBO on Sunday nights.

Interview with Chris Lilley, Creator of HBO's Angry Boys by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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