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Ever since Andrew W.K. told us on Jordan Jesse Go! about hanging out at Hansen's songwriting fantasy camp, I have felt that the Hansen brothers are among The Good Ones. This exceedingly pleasant song and its accompanying video, which features both Weird Al Yankovic and an elaborate recreation of one of the best dance numbers in The Blues Brothers (the Ray Charles "Shake Your Tailfeather" scene) is further evidence.

Curtis Mayfield "Get Down" on Soul Train


The Soul Train line gets down to one of my favorite Curtis tracks.

via BoingBoing (where else?)

Janelle Monae f. Big Boi - Tightrope


This is EPIC.

Janelle Monae's EP was solid, but it didn't have anything on it that I liked as much as Letting Go, which was on the Purple Ribbon All-Stars compilation. This song, though, is fantastic. And the video is amazing, too.

Nate Dogg - I Got Love


I hadn't thought about Nate Dogg's album "Music and Me" in quite some time until a twitter message reminded me of it. I used to play this song, and this one with Pharoahe Monch HEAVILY. Two epic jams. The whole album is pretty solid, one of my favorite underrated hip-hop records.

Sal Santana on "Keyboard City" and more: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Sal Santana

Salvador Santana is a keyboard player and singer-songwriter. His father is guitar legend Carlos Santana. He's just released a new LP, Keyboard City. He talks with The Sound of Young America about his Bay Area roots (he's an alumnus of School of the Arts in San Francisco), working on "Supernatural" as a teenager, touring with Ozomatli and recording with his mentor, Money Mark.

Robin Thicke f. Lil Wayne - Shooter

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Shooter was one of my favorite tracks off of Robin Thicke's fantastic first album Cherry Blue Skies (later retitled A Beautiful World). The album was a total flop. But apparently Lil Wayne liked it as much as I did, and he started rapping in his car over the bridges and breaks and outro, and decided to call Robin Thicke and ask if he could put it on his record. Which is pretty awesome, in my book. This all went down two or three years ago, but I didn't realize it every had a video.

Also: does this video mean Robin Thicke has a motorcycle in his living room? What's that about?

Sade - Soldier of Love


Stone cold jam.

Johnny Paycheck - (Don't Take Her) She's All I've Got


A smash hit, written by Jerry Williams Jr.


RIP, Teddy Pendergrass

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One of the truly great voices of soul.

Sam Cooke on American Bandstand

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I watched an American Masters special on Sam Cooke last night on PBS, and now I'm feeling Sam Cooke crazy. No one has ever sang like Cooke. I think he might be my favorite male singer of all time. There's something about the effortless grace of his singing that touches me even in the simplest songs (and many of his songs were very simple). It has the lightness of great pop music, but it also has the depth of great soul music. Very few can combine those two qualities - Al Green and Michael Jackson come to mind - and Sam can out-sing almost any of them.

As you can see from Cooke's conversation with Dick Clark above, he was also a businessman. He ran his own recording and publishing operations, and nurtured other talent as well.

If you're interested in learning more about Cooke, check out this hour-long show we did on him some years ago with Peter Guralnick. Guralnick's book about Cooke, "Dream Boogie," is wonderful as well.

If you want to dip your toes into his musical catalog, I love Live at the Harlem Square Club, a live album that showcases his more gospel-y performance style.

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