Sketchfest Seattle is Accepting Submissions


Our pal Andrew Connor from the brilliant sketch duo The Cody Rivers Show is taking over the venerable Sketchfest Seattle -- the longest-running sketch comedy festival in the country. Prank the Dean had an amazing time playing the festival a couple years ago. If you're a Seattleite, keep your eyes peeled. If you're in a sketch group, they're taking applications.

Here's what Andrew has to say for himself (and the fest):

SketchFest Seattle is now accepting applications for 2008!

SketchFest Seattle, the original sketch comedy festival, is ready.
Really ready. Ready for YOU to apply. We've got a cool new venue, a cool new format, and we need your application to make it all happen.

This year, we'll be running September 24th through 27th at the Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle's historic International District. We're getting back to our roots: one full weekend, jam-packed with jury-selected sketch comedy! So much funny, our copy editor won't let us use the words necessary to describe it.

We think you'll like what we've got to offer:

* Two shows in a fully-stocked and tech-staffed theater.
* Free lodging with a local volunteer.
* A $500 artist's fee.
* The opportunity to perform in front of great Seattle audiences at the original sketch comedy festival.
* Artistic Direction led by the one and only Andrew Connor of
The Cody Rivers Show.

The application can be downloaded directly here, or at the Sketchfest website.

Podcast: John Moe, author of "Conservatize Me"

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John Moe, a Volkswagen Bug-driving, latte-sipping lifelong Seattleite realized, upon becoming a real grownup, that perhaps his dismissal of conservatism wasn't less righteous than it was intellectually lazy. He spent a month steeping himself in conservatism of all stripes, from the Heritage Foundation to a Toby Keith concert.

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Seattle Sketchfest Starts Tonight!


Seattle Sketchfest was the first sketch comedy festival in the nation, and it remains one of the best. The Sound of Young America (I'm speaking collectively here, on behalf of myself and my recording equipment) is proud to be a sponsor of this year's festival.

Highlights of this year's festival will include Kasper Hauser, Ten West, The Cody Rivers Show and The Third Floor. Plus a whole pile more of the best groups from around the country. If you live in Seattle, and you don't basically set up camp at Sketchfest this weekend and next, you're blowing a chance at greatness. Not just for your weekends -- for your LIFE.

Seriously, if you only went to two shows, this weekend, the Friday and Saturday night, 10PM shows, you could see Kasper Hauser, Ten West, Cody Rivers and the Third Floor. Each of those, alone is a once-a-year comedy opportunity in Sea-town, and each show might change your life forever. Four in two nights? Gettouttahere.

For more info and tickets, click here. Seriously, don't miss this.

Podthoughts by Ian Brill: "The Savage Love Podcast"

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Journalist Ian Brill is offering us a weekly review from the world of podcasting -- "Podthoughts." This week, he examines The Savage Love Podcast, from the Seattle alternative newspaper The Stranger. The program's host, Dan Savage, was once a guest on The Sound of Young America: here's the MP3.

Dan Savage can’t seem to go twenty seconds into his podcast without dropping a few expletives. It’s a bit jarring, but there’s no point in getting offended. In a typical episode, Savage answers four or five pre-recorded calls that seek his opinions on strap-on dildos, rape fantasies, vagina destined Splenda and any other number of matters far more extreme than the simple utterance of expletives. If you’re offended by that sort of content, you probably won’t get anything out of Savage Love. That’s a shame, because there’s a lot of get out of it.

Savage is clearly committed to educating the world on a subject we all deal but rarely talk about directly: S-E-X. The lack of communication about sex between so many people leads to a lot of dysfunctions. Savage brings it all out in the open so people can start living happier lives.

Occasionally Savage will call someone back to get a better handle on the subject. Those times Savage proves himself as being the empathic soul his listeners needs. Even though it’s the stranger fetishes that get the most attention (Splenda? In the vagina?) most of the problems Savage is given concern arguments between lovers and misinformation on certain medical issues.

Not that Savage always plays the Dr. Ruth-like gentle sage when he’s helping out his callers. He’s not afraid to call one an asshole if it’s warranted, and in some cases it certainly is. Thankfully, though, most of the time Savage needs only to be thoughtful and informative to fix the problems he’s given.

Savage has a similarly low tolerance for BS. Many times the calls he gets are from people who have more worries than they have actual problems. In the June 12th edition, a very sexually open mother is concerned her daughters’ sex lives may be too “vanilla.” Savage phrases his advice simply: “back the fuck off.” I really appreciated this. Savage could be like so many other advice columnists and just create a culture distress and confessions that are blown way out of proportion. Instead he’s able to put these people’s situations into perspective and tell them what’s really going on.

People still come to Savage for advice, perhaps because they know he’s going to be straight with them. He’s also one of the few people in the public sphere whose counsel comes from a sex-positive point-of-view. Savage’s personality, a beautifully paradoxical mix of wise and exasperated, is always entertaining. It’s the reason why I’ve found Savage Love one of the most addictive podcasts around.

Sketchfest Seattle Tuesday Night


One of my personal favorite sketch groups in the country, The Cody Rivers Show, is performing a fundraiser for Sketchfest Seattle tommorow night (Tuesday). Sketchfest Seattle is the oldest sketch comedy festival in the country, and they're really great folks who run a great festival, which we were proud to sponsor last year.

The Cody Rivers Show are a two-man group who perform a wild combination of sketch, dance, mime, theater, and other crap that is way better than that description sounds. Maybe the most fun thing you can see on the sketch comedy circuit.

Tuesday, May 22
Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 7:30 p.m.
Theatre Off Jackson at 409 7th Ave. S
Levels of Admission - Giggler at $20, Chuckler at $30 (comes with 10 raffle
tickets), or LOL at $100 (comes with 10 raffle tickets, reserved seats,
recognition in festival program)
Advanced tickets at
More info at

A portion of fundraiser proceeds will go to our partner organization,
Gilda's Club Seattle. Named after beloved sketch comedienne Gilda Radner,
Gilda's Club provides support to those affected by cancer as a supplement to
medical care.

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