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Richie Cunning on The Drum


Folks who listen to Jordan, Jesse Go! already know about Grad School Music superstar Ashkon and his international mega-hit Hot Tubbin'. But what about Richie Cunning?

Richie's a San Francisco native -- he was Richard when he was my classmate in high school -- and he's repping hard these days, with a new track called The City that shouts out the N Judah and whatnot.

But if you're wondering if this dude can really spit, check out these tracks recorded live on KPFA's legendary hip-hop radio show The Drum with Kevvy Kev. The Drum's in its THIRTIETH year of broadcasting hip-hop to the Yay Area late Friday nights. Richie destroys two freestyles here. It's really difficult to get closer to my heart than by alluding to both Common's first album and 1989 National League MVP Kevin Mitchell in one song.

"Lemme read off the trivia card / who the ill cat still rappin' gritty & hard? / Go 'head, take a min... give up? Here's a hint: Rich C, OG from the City of Fog / Dog, I was solo smashin back when Wild 104 was 107 / Back when Jerry and Joe were Bay Area legends / Back when left field wasn't Barry, it was Kevin"

Richie Cunning live on The Drum 1

Richie Cunning Live on The Drum 2

Jules Tygiel


My friend Jules Tygiel passed this week.

Jules was a cultural historian, focusing on California and baseball. He was my professor at San Francisco State University, and wrote one of my college recommendation letters. When I hastily applied to graduate school, he came through with a letter on short notice without even a hint of complaint. He was an inspirational teacher who shared his passion for both history and baseball unreservedly.

In addition to his research, Jules was a wonderful writer. I read his book "Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and his Legacy" before I'd ever met him. In my childhood and teenage years, I read literally hundreds of books about baseball, and "Baseball's Great Experiment" was one of the best. Then as now I was impressed at its combination of academic depth and lucid, exciting prose. It's certainly the best book about Robinson, and when I sold my baseball books a few years ago, it was one of the dozen or so that I kept -- my special favorites. I have often recommended it to friends, both fans and non-fans. In Jules' San Francisco Chronicle obituatary, I was moved to read that it was Rachel Robinson's favorite book about her late husband. I'm not surprised.

Jules was also a friend, particularly close with the Weinstein-Zitrin family, with whom I spent many hours as a young teenager. He and Richard Zitrin, my childhood friend Gabe's father, would engage in heated discussions of baseball subjects -- I remember Richard having particularly strong opinions on whether Jack Morris was overrated, though I can't remember which side he was on and which side Jules was on. Jules was the commissioner of the Pacific Ghost League, the first fantasy baseball league on the West Coast, which was founded in 1981. I'm sure all the owners of the PGL have Jules in their hearts today.

Jules struggled long and hard with cancer, and his illness in recent months was very severe. I will be thinking of him, and of his family. I hope they can find peace in his passing. I also want to thank Jules Tygiel for all he did for me. He will be missed.

You Look Nice Today!


I have gushed a lot about our friends (left to right) Merlin, Scott and Adam and their great show You Look Nice Today, which is really wonderful and great.

They joined us last week at The Monsters of Podcasting Tour in SF, and they've finally posted the results.

Photo: Upskirt by Neven Mrgan

Jordan, Jesse Go! Ep. 66: Monsters of Podcasting


Jordan and Jesse record this show live at the Monsters of Podcasting Tour in San Francisco. Special guests Mal Sharpe and Jim Real, "The Master of Would You Rather" join us for a rousing WYR. Also: a special crossover event as the gang from You Look Nice Today join us for a press conference.

You can download Bucky Sinister's opening standup set here. You can (and should) find You Look Nice Today's set here.



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Richie Cunning, Ashkon and PUTS in SF


I didn't even know that my high school friend Richard had a second life as rapper Richie Cunning until he emailed me yesterday. I didn't even know he rapped. I should become a rapper. It seems like fun.

Anyway, Richard aka Richie Cunning and our man Ashkeezy are opening for West Coast hip-hop stalwarts People Under the Stairs on Thursday night at the Independent in San Francisco... a great place to see a show, walking distance from my old apartment.

Whether or not you live in the Sco, you can download Richie's new single, "The City," which is a fantastic tribute to the best city in the world. Also, the N Judah. I think my first single's going to be about the 49 Van Ness-Mission.

Richie Cunning - The City (Direct MP3 Link)

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Comics and Comix, Pt. 3

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We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

Nerds unite! Again! On this episode: Brad Meltzer author of DC comic's Identity Crisis stops by to discuss his work. Sarah Silverman talks about her film Jesus is Magic, and San Francisco's Kasper Hauser perform a sketch and read some fake Craigslist postings .

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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All those who know me know I rep the Sco to the fullest.

So, it would appear, do Traxamillion, Big Rich, San Quinn and Boo Banga. FOR THIS I SALUTE THEM!

Monsters of Podcasting: June 28th in San Francisco

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The Monsters of Podcasting are coming to San Francisco June 28th!

Jordan, Jesse Go! Live
You Look Nice Today: A Journal of Emotional Hygiene

The Dark Room Theater
Saturday, June 28th
10 PM

Tickets $12 advance, $14 at the door
A small number of tickets have been held back for door sales.
Advance tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets

Kasper Hauser tonight in San Francisco


If you live in the Bay Area, don't miss a special performance by Kasper Hauser tonight at the lovely, intimate Punchline Comedy Club. Come on... you can take the BART there!

The show's at 8PM, and it's part of The Onion Comedy Series.

Tickets here, or call 415-397-PLSF.

Bay Area Meetup is TONIGHT!

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Yay Area Representatives: MEETUP IS TONIGHT!

You'd better go to the Edinburgh Castle to check out Mary Van Note's awesome show "Comedy Darling," featuring MUSIC from TSOYA favorite Brent Weinbach, who in a previous life was a professional pianist! You can also check out the Edinburgh Castle, the only pub in San Francisco that is VERY CASTLE-LIKE.

More info HERE.

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