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A Match Made In Heaven


The other day, Mike Birbiglia called me. It's always a pleasure to hear from Mike, who's just as nice a guy in real life as he seems on stage, but in this case, he had a specific issue that needed addressing.

He'd just heard Kasper Hauser's This American Life parodies. His question was simple: "Are they as funny in real life as they are on these audio bits?"

Yes. They are.

"So, do you think they might want to open for me in San Francisco?"

Yes, I'm sure they would.

"Do you have their number?"

Yes, I do.

And it was settled.

Kasper Hauser are opening for Mike at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on October 19th.

Be there, or be square.

The Tourist Lane


I just returned from five days in New York. I was sad I didn't get to see my pal Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere (he had late rehearsals), I was delighted when I came home and saw IE's latest mission. They used chalk (the kind that marks playing fields) to denote a local lane and a tourist lane on the NYC sidewalk.

I don't understand why sidewalk etiquette isn't taught in schools. I think it is the number one problem that faces our nation today. The basics are simple. Walk with purpose, keep to the right, don't spread out when in groups, pass on the left, step out of the moving traffic if you're going to stop. I am not above dropping a shoulder when these basics are ignored.

Of course, New York's incredible tourist population and hyper-crowded sidewalks make this all the more important, but I grew up with the same problems in downtown San Francisco. Little did I know that I would one day move to a new city - Los Angeles, where no one has any idea how to walk on a sidewalk at all.

Anyway: great job, IE. Glad to see you working on social justice issues.

KALW gets a new news home...

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Our San Francisco affiliate, KALW, launched a major new initiative today - a beautiful website for their local news operations. KALW is a small station that literally operates out of some classrooms in a San Francisco high school, but over the last few years, they've really put together an amazing local news operation. They're even featuring a story about Kasper Hauser on their homepage.

Old Man Periwinkle


The most fun I've ever had at a show was at Jimmy Pardo's regular stage versions of The Match Game here in Los Angeles. Jimmy was born to host this show, and Paul F. Tompkins was born to be his foil.

Perhaps the most memorable running joke of the shows was Tompkins' ever-more-elaborate introductions of Jimmy reading a prompt in the voice of "Old Man Periwinkle."

As Jimmy has said many times (often on stage, during the Match Game), he does not do voices. Yet he persists in doing an old man voice to read Old Man Periwinkle prompts, and thus Tompkins persists in his ever-more aggrandizing introductions.

Sadly (for me), Jimmy doesn't do the Match Game in LA anymore, but he did it (as "Game Show Explosion") at SF Sketchfest this past weekend, and Pat Francis caught the Old Man Periwinkle introduction on video.

An Hour with Kasper Hauser: A Sound of Young America Special

Kasper Hauser

The Kasper Hauser Comedy Group are a San Francisco-based sketch comedy group who've been mainstays of The Sound of Young America, and have appeared on Comedy Central and on This American Life. They're the authors of three hilarious books: "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From A Plane," "Obama's Blackberry," and "Weddings of the Times." They also wrote the website Wonderglen for former Onion editor and Daily Show executive producer Ben Karlin.

On this special hour-long Sound of Young America special, they talk about their careers, and we hear their comedy -- both sketches produced for The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast and all-new pieces.

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SF Sketchfest is looking for entries...


SF Sketchfest is the best comedy festival in the country, bar none. Every year I'm amazed at the lineup they put together. They book huge names and they book the absolute best no-names around, they get people to come to everyone's shows, they treat performers well, it's a delight. Unreserved recommendation.

They've just opened up performer applications for the 2010 festival on their website. If you're in a comedy group or know someone who is, you should apply.

Sean Cullen & Zion I Performe Live in San Francisco: The Sound of Young America


Comedian Sean Cullen is a fixture of the comedy scenes in both Los Angeles and his native Canada. He's been seen on Last Comic Standing and in his own Comedy Central special. He also hosts a radio program for the CBC. Sean sang for us on the less-than-popular lyrical subject of farming.

Zion I are an Oakland-based hip-hop group known for producer Amp Live's diverse influences and emcee Zumbi's thoughtful rhymes. They performed some memorable songs for the crowd at Cobb's, including the Bay Area anthem "The Bay" and "Antenna" from their new album "The Takeover," which is in stores now.

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Tom Ammiano: California State Assemblymember and Standup Comic on The Sound of Young America

Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano was a San Francisco schoolteacher, standup comic and gay activist before becoming the state of California's first gay school board member. He went on to become president of the San Francisco school board, and later president of the city's board of supervisors. Now he represents San Francisco in the California state assembly. He's never stopped performing comedy, and is considered one of the fathers of San Francisco's still-thriving queer comedy scene.

We spoke with Ammiano during our live show at SF Sketchfest in San Francisco.

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Jordan, Jesse Go! Ep. 89: A Tribute to Dennis Richmond (Recorded Live in San Francisco)


Jesse and Jordan discuss what about a city is bullshit, what to say to a Hollywood agent, Supercelebrity Rob Lowe, and of course newscaster Dennis Richmond. Recorded as part of the Monsters of Podcasting at SF Sketchfest 2009, alongside the wonderful and brilliant You Look Nice Today.

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The Sound of Young America Live! in San Francisco: We Have a Lineup!

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The Sound of Young America is Live!
in San Francisco
on Friday, January 23rd!

Join host Jesse Thorn and guests:

Zion I

Kasper Hauser

Sean Cullen

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano

Jello Biafra

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