Free Download of Bob Edwards' memoir "A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio"

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Beloved public radio host and past Sound of Young America guest Bob Edwards is releasing a memoir about his long and distinguished career as a broadcaster called "A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio." Although the print edition isn't due until later this month, his publisher has released a free, downloadable version that will be available until September 9th from multiple e-book retailers including Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook store and the Google ebookstore.

I grew up listening to Edwards host "Morning Edition" every weekday as I rode to school in the car with my father. So I'm already intrigued. But for anyone who isn't as intimately familiar with his work, the memoir's publisher, the University Press of Kentucky, has released this video mashup of highlights from Edwards' career.

Edwards has already published two earlier books that are bound to be a hit with any fan of broadcasting history. The first is Fridays with Red, which chronicled his radio friendship with legendary sportscaster Red Barber, and the second is Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism.

Roger Gomoll's Biplane & the Red Baron Pizza Squadron


Above: Public Radio International's Roger Gomoll, who helps us with our pledge drive shows and rights things when we accidentally send the public radio satellite on a collision course with earth, flying in his new biplane.

This isn't really that important, I just think it's neat.

I once flew in a biplane like Roger's for an old, old episode of The Sound of Young America. First, in one of my favorite episodes of the show, we gave away a trip on the biplane, and discussed how horrible an idea it was. Then, I went on the ride, along with a nice freshman from UCSC's College 8, and I made a piece, which I've found on my hard drive for your listening enjoyment. Red Baron Pizza Squadron FTW.

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