Wonderful! Ep. 58: Ya' Gotta Eat!


Griffin's favorite puzzle game! Rachel's favorite bouncy jam! Griffin's favorite nautical synth love song! Rachel's favorite influential poet!


"Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus - https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6zRzTrGPIHt0kRvmWoya

"Smoke, Netflix, Chill" by Tank and the Bangas - https://open.spotify.com/album/3Hw1yKKePVdonlW1PcXySR

"Yeoman" by Baths - https://open.spotify.com/album/4bRhWjJc6qCPbWxTF8NjWX

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 556: Jump Jams with Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the crazy magazine Chris used to write for hunting down supernatural stories in New Jersey, the recent commercial Jordan saw that sold him on cooking up some Spam, the emotional conversations Chris has had with his father about his career through the years, and the time Chris frustrated a dominatrix with his notoriously small and inverted nipples.

Chris's new book, Lose Well, is out now!

Stop Podcasting Yourself 555 - Steph Tolev

Steph Tolev

Comedian Steph Tolev joins us to talk ghosting, phone numbers, and voting.

Download episode 555 here. (right-click)

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MBMBaM 432: Hand Dog and Face Cat


The time for fence-sitting has come to an end. We must all now decide between the two ghoulish, mind-poisoning animal companions that will bring our hearts and homes one step closer to Hell. This decision is too important to goof up. Follow your heart.

Suggested talking points: Choppa Papa, Meats, The World's Two Most Horrible Pets, Big Earther, Cookie Punch, Christmas Doll

International Waters Ep 133: The Bouncy Boy Conflict

Dave, Stephanie Escajeda, and Kristen Studard
Kristen Studard
Stephanie Escajeda
Paul Foxcroft
Helen Duff

Kristen Studard, Stephanie Escajeda, Paul Foxcroft and Helen Duff join host, Dave Holmes for lost whale antics, terrible sexy costumes, and made up holiday festivities.
Kristen Studard wants to plug Dance Dance Party Party and Who Cares About the Rock Hall? and recommends Dina's episode of Heavyweight and Karaoke by Big Freedia.

Stephanie Escajeda wants to plug her Twitter @stephescajeda and recommends So You're Going Bald by Julius Sharpe.

Paul Foxcroft wants to plug Hello from the Magic Tavern and recommends @babyjesusfox on Instagram.

Helen Duff wants to plug her upcoming tour dates and recommends the Joan and Jericha podcast.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and would like to recommend Joanna Lumley's various adventures.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests through our Facebook group or on Twitter.

Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Laura Swisher and Christian Dueñas.

One Bad Mother, Episode 278: Last Minute Miracles, Plus Reductress Co-founder Beth Newell

One Bad Mother
Beth Newell

Biz and Theresa are looking for a last minute miracle! “Parent! It's crazy dress like a historical figure pajama day today. What can I wear?” “Parent! I’m going on a field trip today! Here is my permission slip…oh and I need a lunch in a paper sack.” “Parent! My teacher said they emailed you many times to order my class shirt. Did you do it? I have to wear it today.” Do we let them suffer through this “learning moment” or help them “make it work?” Whether it is our fault for being unable to juggle one more thing, or our kid’s fault for waiting until Sunday night to tell us they need something for Monday morning, the real lesson will be teaching our children they can probably bullshit their way through anything last minute! Plus Biz is better with kids, Theresa opens a new chapter and we talk to Beth Newell, the co-founder of The Reductress and host of the podcast We Knows Parenting.

Follow Beth on Twitter @bethnew. Check out Reductress at Reductress.com and We Knows Parenting podcast at Weknowsparenting.com.

Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at Parenting!

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Show Music
Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (http://awesomeinquotes.com, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amram, Hot Jams For Teens (http://adiraamram.com, avail on iTunes)
Telephone, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (http://awesomeinquotes.com, also avail on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

The Adventure Zone: Live - Halloween Special!


BOO! That's us jumping out and surprising you with an episode that is A) One day early and B) An exquisitely spooky live adventure! It's our Halloween Special, and boy howdy, is it a wild one. Thanks to the Paramount Theater in Seattle, and everyone who came out to see us!

Wonderful! Ep. 57: Gooey for Garfield


Rachel's favorite attractive talent! Griffin's favorite food brick! Rachel's favorite candy size! Griffin's favorite horror TV show!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus - https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6zRzTrGPIHt0kRvmWoya

One Bad Mother Halloween Bonus! The Ellis Sisters On Omens and Superstitions

One Bad Mother
Helen Ellis

Turn on your nightlight, listeners! Biz is joined again by her sister, Helen Michelle, to talk about family superstations and prophetic dreams.

You can follow Helen Michelle on Twitter @WhatIDoAllDay. Her book American Housewife is out now.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 555: Halloween Sporktacular with Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones joins Jordan and Jesse on this special sporktacular episode to talk about the horrifying audition notices she gets that are very specific about their pubic hair requirements, the truly terrifying crime-robbing that Jordan experienced this week and how it would be dramatically different if it happened last week, and the kaiju-centric museum exhibit that saved Jesse's weekend outing with his daughter. Plus, Virginia dazzles everyone with her mathematical Dracula facts and a trick to foil vampires with a handful of rice.

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