Switchblade Sisters Episode 53: 'The Host' with 'Unlovable' Director Suzi Yoonessi

April Wolfe
Suzi Yoonessi

The Host

This week we are so lucky to have the director of the new film Unlovable, Suzi Yoonessi. Her movie follows Joy, played by Charlene deGuzman, a recovering sex and love addict who finds solace in making music with the gruff brother (John Hawkes) of her sponsor (Melissa Leo). The movie that Suzi has decided to discuss is 2006's Korean monster masterpiece, The Host. While maybe not immediately recognizable as an influence, Suzi explains that director Bong Joon-ho's focus on character and relationships has had a great effect on her work. She and April go over the process of pitching a movie that's never been made before, and the kind of work that goes into those types of meetings. Suzi also elaborates on working with John Hawkes and Melissa Leo. She even explains how it was difficult to cast John Hawkes because he doesn't have an email address. And lastly, Suzi and April compare how both The Host and Unloveable take real elements from the lives of the filmmakers in order to create a truly believable and engrossing story.

Check out the trailer for Unlovable which is streaming and in select theaters now.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch The Host.

With April Wolfe with Suzi Yoonessi.

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International Waters Ep. 124: H.P. Lovecraft: Monster Racist

Alison Becker
Keith Powell
Dan Tetsell
Sophie Duker
Dave Holmes

Alison Becker, Keith Powell, Dan Tetsell and Sophie Duker join host, Dave Holmes, to Discuss monsters, defend (and attack) their home countries and decide what the best way to say certain words is.

Alison wants to plug Bubble and Best Worst Week Ever. She recommends the Amazon Prime Show The Patriot.

Keith wants to plug Bubble and an upcoming episode of Superstore that he directed. He recommends The Great British Baking Show.

Sophie wants to plug her stand up show Diet Woke and recommends the newest Janelle Monáe album Dirty Computer.

Dan wants to plug his wife’s upcoming show at the Edinburgh Film Festival and recommends the Netflix comedy series The Letdown.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and his book, Party of One is available now in paperback.

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Laura Swisher and Julian Burrell.

Wham Bam Pow Ep. 44 - Monsters

Wham Bam Pow

This week, we remember Harold Ramis and some of his greatest works, recast a few of our favorite films with women, and deconstruct the 2010, low-budget, sci-fi flick Monsters. Plus, catch some spot-on Godzilla impressions!

Next week, we'll be watching Ghostbusters, which is currently available on Netflix Watch Instant.

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Wham Bam Pow Ep. 6 - Godzilla and Film Writer Max Borenstein

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Wham Bam Pow
Max Borenstein

It's a Rhea/Ricky Pitch It face-off! Plus screenwriter Max Borenstein joins us in studio to talk about getting started in film & reveals his 2014 project & hey! Speaking of that we reviewed the best Taco Bell commercial of all time: GODZILLA.

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