MaxFunsters March on Washington: 11/15


If you're a MaxFunster in the Washington, DC area, then join forum superstars ebeth, Craxworth and Carol for an evening of awesome fun on November 15th. Ebeth and Carol will be visiting from points north, and everybody's headed to the Arlington Drafthouse to see the great Mr. Paul F. Tompkins. More info about the meetup here, and tickets for PFT here. I've met both ebeth and Carol, and nicer meetup hosts/guests you couldn't find. Will they meet R&B superstar Keith Sweat? There's no way to predict it... but last time, THEY DID!

Meetups May 1st in Chicago and LA!



Meetup days are fast approaching.

For the LA meetup, we're meeting at the Ikea food court in Burbank on May 1st at around 6:30 PM. The This American Life Live! show is down the street at eight, but tickets sold out very fast. Please let me know if are planning on going to both Ikea and the TAL show, so I can figure out if anyone's coming with me to TAL :). One way or the other, we'll have some fucking meatballs and lingonberry drink.

In Chicago, Jason aka GymboyUSMC is organizing a meetup that same night. Here are details for that joint:

JJGo/TSOYA Chicago Meet up
Thursday May1st

Sweet Occasions in Andersonville
5306 North Clark
Chicago, IL 60640

Come hang out and meet up with other listeners. Purchase required. They specialize in desserts and ice cream. They also have sandwiches, salads, and quiche. We will be meeting in their back room. There are lots of good local bars we can hit following the meet up – Mary’s Attic is a lot of fun!

Per Jordan and Jesse’s orders we do have to have at least one hook up at the meet up.

Take the redline to Bryn Mawr and head west to Clark Street.

In my experience with MaxFun meetups, everyone is really nice, and a pleasant time is had by all.

LA MaxFun Meetup: May First!


Hey gang!

Jordan and I have been meaning to have a follow-up to our first (very succesful) MaxFun Meetup here in LA, and we've finally got a date!

Here's the deal: on the evening of Thursday May 1st, MaxFunPal and international radio superstar Mr. Ira Glass will be hosting a live-to-theaters This American Life event. It'll feature a live presentation from Ira and a screening of one of the upcoming, season two episodes of the TAL Showtime series. The event will be broadcast live (or, on our coast, tape-delayed slightly). I think it's gonna be really cool, so we're going to have a meetup.

We'll be catching the show at the AMC Burbank 16 in beautiful "downtown" Burbank. You'll have to buy tickets in advance. They go on sale Friday.

Ticketing info is here.

We'll all get together beforehand -- if you're more familiar with Burbank than I, and can suggest a better location than the Ikea food court (lingonberry drink!), then please do so on the message board.

If you want to have a MaxFun meetup wherever you live, be it at TAL Live! or elsewhere, post on the board and I'll help however I can.

Chicago Max Fun Meetup

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MaxFunster Doug-Life has put together a great Maximum Fun Meetup itinerary for the night of our live show in Chicago. If you want to head out to drinks & dinner with some fellow TSOYA fans, here are the details:

Halloween MaxFun Dinner Plans

4pm : Happy Hour at Angelo's Tavern
Corner of North Ave and Sedgewick. South west of the theater.

6pm : Dinner at Old Jerusalem Restaurant
South of the theater in Old Town.
1411 N. Wells
Here is a PDF of their menu.

RSVPs are cool, but not 100% essential.
PM me or email

I am flying in that day, so I can't absolutely promise I'll attend, but I'll do my best to stop by at the very least. See you there!

Toronto MaxFun meetup?


Looks like a couple of MaxFunsters are planning a meetup in the T-dot. If you live there, you should join in the planning. Who's inviting Dave Stieb?

Maximum Fun Meetup!


A few people were camera shy, but here's a bunch of folks from the Maximum Fun meetup!

Reserve Your LA Meet-Up Slot Now!


The first-ever meetup is Friday the 13th in Los Angeles!

We'll meet at the Bourgeois Pig on Franklin at 8PM, then we'll catch the 9:30 PM show at the UCBT next door -- the Match Game, featuring our podcast pal Jimmy Pardo and friends. Past match games I've attended have included former TSOYA guests like Bob Odenkirk, Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Chris Hardwick and more.

The Match Game will sell out, so please make reservations now (tickets are a mere $8). Make sure you're making them for Friday night, make sure you confirm them (they'll send you an email with a link), and make sure you let me know you're coming by emailing me your reservation confirmation at jesse at I'm going to try talking the theater into saving us some seats so we don't have to wait so long in line.

ALSO! If you're in New York, Elizabeth and Zach are trying to organize an NYC meetup. Click here for more info on that, and throw in your two cents. I've met several of the folks who've said they're going, and they're nice and not weird!

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