MaxFunDrive 2010

Some favorite Sound of Young Americas this year...


Since last year's MaxFunDrive, we've produced 89 Sound of Young America programs. Eighty nine.

It's easy to forget that kind of thing, so I hopped on the forum and asked: "what were your favorites?" We got some great answers.

Several folks pointed out how much they loved our hour with Kasper Hauser. It's always great to visit with old friends.

Many folks also pointed to our interview with Bill Withers. That might have been my favorite interview experience, from my perspective, in the history of the show.

In a similar (but also completely different) vein, Ian MacKaye was a favorite for several folks. Molly! said it was her favorite, "especially because I wasn't the least bit interested in him at all before I listened." I think that's a great standard.

For comedy fans, Andy Richter was a big favorite. It literally took us a year to get him on the show, despite the fact that he himself happily agreed - NBC's publicists were a nightmare. Of course, when everyone got fired, he had both some free time and an inclination to speak frankly.

Donald Glover was also a popular choice. A lot of folks said he was inspiring. The same with Jenna Fischer, who actually falls just outside of our 1-year limit.

What have been your favorite Sound of Young Americas this year? Of all time? Is this operation here important to you? Do you support it?

Wednesday Morning: 306 New Donors!


We've broken 30% of our goal. We're just barely keeping pace with our ultimate destination: 1000 new and increased subscribers.

If you haven't yet given... why not?

Tuesday May 17th - 27% of the way there!


Well, we've got 273 new and increasing donors as of this morning.

Hopefully our show with Jim Lehrer will convince a few people - or perhaps our new JJGo video with Maria Bamford and John Hodgman. And what about the Stop Podcasting Yourself fans, who have their first chance to support the show they love?!

Monday special: Jesse will record your voicemail.


If you give $10/month or more today, I will record your voicemail.

Just donate, then email me a script and the call-in details for your VM. If you don't want to send me that info, I can record an MP3 for you.

Today only!

Monday, May 17th: 23%!


We're now up to 231 new and increased donors, over 23% of our goal.

I hope you'll donate now.

Sunday, May 16: 205! 20%!


We added another 24 donors on Saturday, a very respectable total for a weekend. That got us past the 20% marker - we're now 1/5th of the way to our goal.

If you haven't yet donated, just do it!

Day 2: 18% of the way there!

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In day two of the drive, we added 61 new members, bringing us up to a grand total of 181. That's 18% of the way to our goal of 1000 new members.

What are you waiting for? Give now!

Day 1: 120 new donors!


Woo hoo!

As of 8AM pacific time on May 14th, we're already 12% of the way to our goal of 1000 new MaxFun donors. We'll update this thermometer once a day, but in the meantime you can check out our running count on the forum.

Of course if you haven't yet given, you should give now!

MaxFunMarathon Tickets Now Available


There are 50 reservations available for the MaxFunMarathon, 4PM-midnight on May 28th. We will also be accepting walk-ins (the space can fit more than 50), but these reservations are your only perfect guarantee of entry. Tickets are $5, payable at the door. Make your reservations now.

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