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Thank you gifts have been mailed...

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After a wonderful volunteer day Saturday, all of our thank you gifts for the 2010 pledge drive have been mailed, save for foreign t-shirts, which will go out tomorrow. Some have already arrived, and most should arrive within a week or two. T-shirts were mailed first class, other gifts were sent media mail.

If you have a problem with your gift, email Allow three weeks or so for delivery, just in case. Please note that we only order one extra in each size, due to the expense of ordering extras for 27 shirt/size combos. If something awful happened, we may have to replace your shirt with the classic TSOYA design.

Thanks for the picture, Jenny.

Pledge Drive Update!


* Sound of Young America DVDs are at the mailing house now. They'll go out first class mail this week, and you should expect them within about two weeks.

* T-shirts are currently being printed by our pals at We're expecting them back here within a week or two, then we'll schedule a big volunteer day to get them out the door.

* When we schedule said volunteer day, we'll also be sending out the other, non-DVD, non-T-Shirt thank you gifts.

So: expect your thank yous in about 2-4 weeks, and don't worry if they haven't arrived yet. We're (obviously) a media outfit, and not a direct mail operation, so we're getting them out as promptly as possible. Thank you for your support!

The Future is Bright at


With our pledge drive done and my post-pledge-drive vacation a thing of the past, I thought it was a good time to let you know where we're at here at

Firstly: my thanks go out to the more than one thousand donors who support with small gifts every month. Without you, we're nothing. Seriously, I couldn't even pay my rent. Thank you.

This year's pledge drive was a great success, and it's allowed us to make some major changes here at

First of all: our artists are getting raises. We're literally quadrupling the amount that we pay Graham Clark & Dave Shumka for Stop Podcasting Yourself, and we're doing the same to the money Jordan makes as co-host of Jordan, Jesse, Go!. It's hard to make money for your work in creative-world, especially without working for The Man, and I'm proud that we're paying everyone. I'm also proud to have these three guys as part of the team.

Second of all: we're giving a raise to our behind-the-scenes guy, Nick White. He's the editor of The Sound of Young America, and he'll be getting a 38% raise (up to industry standards) for the great work he does editing the show. We're also refocusing his time on editing - hopefully we'll be able to continue raising the production standards of The Sound of Young America, making it tighter, taughter, and smoother, like the calf of a particularly muscular baby.

Thirdly: we're adding staff. Beginning in July, Julia Smith will be moving from Intern to Associate Producer. For the time being, she'll be working three days a week, helping with the blog and with booking on The Sound of Young America. Julia's proven herself to be invaluable over the last semester; she was key in producing this year's MaxFunCon, and she also produced and directed the MaxFunMarathon. I think she's got a bright future as a producer here at MaxFun, and I hope that having her on board will lead directly to a better Sound of Young America.

In addition to Julia, we've hired a new Development Director of, who'll be announced in a few weeks. It's my hope that bringing a Development Director on board can help us capture additional funding sources - like grants, events and underwriting - that we'd been leaving on the table due, frankly, to my lack of time. My specific goal is to add enough revenue to add hours for both Julia and Nick. I also hope our new Development Director can help engineer funding for future travel - we've really enjoyed doing shows and tapings on the road, but it's expensive, particularly without outside support.

After all that, we've even got a little bit left over to use for things that come along - like say guests who'd need a studio in another city - that we otherwise would have to pass on. I think that all of these things you're supporting are investments in the future of this operation that will pay much more than they cost, so: thank you. The future for is bright, and it's due to the support of folks like you.


Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 135: Excerpts from the MaxFunMarathon with Andy Richter, Sarah Thyre, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer

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Andy Richter
Sarah Thyre
Rob Huebel
Paul Scheer
Dave Shumka

Two selections from the MaxFunMarathon comprise this week's Jordan Jesse Go. Jordan and Jesse are joined by Dave Shumka from Stop Podcasting Yourself, plus special guests Andy Richter, Sarah Thyre, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer

MaxFunMarathon, Hour Eight


Last night, the MaxFunMarathon cut off for some folks as we entered the final hour. I got up today and edited it for you, because I'd hate for folks to miss it.

We'll be setting up some kind of something so donors can download an audio version of the full show with a few weeks.

The Final Tally


Thank you.

On behalf of myself, Jordan, Dave, Graham, Julia and Nick. Thank you.

By the way: if the special thank-you gifts are still up at, they're still available if you wanna donate - we won't actually be ordering anything until Tuesday, so we can still accommodate you.

Kasper Hauser's NSFW Pledge Promos


The FINAL DAY: 709!


We're now up to 71% of our goal with SEVEN HUNDRED & NINE new and increasing donors.

We have less than twenty four hours left! The marathon starts here at 4PM pacific time! GO GO GO!

Why Donate?


From Jason Baldwin.

Further Thanks!


Click on the header for another few hundred thank yous to new MaxFun donors. This covers everyone who added a subscription between Saturday and Wednesday.

If you haven't yet joined these good folks' ranks, you can, it's easy.

As always, if you'd like your name removed from this list, just email me and I'll anonymize you.

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