Jesse Thorn

Jordan Jesse Go Ep. 219: Ska Church with Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards

Comedian Ian Edwards joins Jordan and Jesse to discuss ska church, 90s alternative rock bands, and daytime television personalities.

International Waters Episode 2: And the Prince of Thieves

Susan Orlean
Susan Orlean
Isy Suttie
Dan Antopolski
DC Pierson
Elizabeth Laime

Special guest Susan Orlean joins Isy Suttie, Elizabeth Laime, Dan Antopolski, DC Pierson and host, Jesse Thorn in the transatlantic comedy quiz where land laws do not apply. We learn what Katy Perry took Russell Brand under, compare Hunger Games quotes with 80s pop lyrics and chat about Alsatian-themed fashion. Plus, since it’s the Maxfun pledge drive, some bonus Jordan, Jesse Go!

Think you've got what it takes to write a round of International Waters? Pitch us your round – email it to Give us the theme and some sample questions, and maybe it'll pop up on the next episode. Or donate to our pledge drive and we'll write it for you.

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Put This On, Season 2, Episode 1: The Melting Pot


We just posted this new episode of Put This On over on that site. See if you can catch the cameo from one of JJGo's favorite guests.

Jesse Thorn on The Gentleman's Club podcast


Jesse Thorn was a guest on The Gentleman's Club with host Caleb Bacon today. They cover the basics like the 1970's porno 'stache, matchmaking, and Bullseye.

Check out MaxFun contributor Colin Marshalls review of The Gentleman's Club on his Podthoughts column here on!

Like Me, Friend Me

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Hey friends,

We all know that in this brave new digital world, there is only one true test of friendship and loyalty: the Facebook "Like" button.

In that spirit, I'm hear to announce some great new Facebook pages that we hope you will "like" over and over again:

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

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It's a quick, easy way to show your support and find out the latest about great new stuff we're doing.

So go ahead - push our buttons!

Zac Wolf Shoots Jesse & Jordan


Before our show last week, photographer Zac Wolf stopped by to shoot some pictures of Jordan and me. He did a wonderful job. You can check out his shots on his tumblog here.

Build Conference in Belfast with Jesse


As long as I'm announcing conferences I'll be a part of, I should mention that I'll also be "compering" the Build Conference in Belfast this November. I'm pretty sure "compere" is European for "host." It will be my daunting responsibility to make sense of the proceedings during the conference's Big Presentation Day, drawing out themes and making off-color jokes. (OK, I added that last responsibility.) My stepmother's from Belfast, and I haven't been since I was 10 to see her ten thousand brothers and sisters, so I'm looking forward to the trip. If you're a designer on the other side of the pond, I hope I'll see you there.

Off the Rack with Jesse Thorn

Fantastic article from GQ magazine wherein emerging style guru Jesse Thorn takes reporter Shona Sanzgiri on an underground shopping tour of Los Angeles.

Gamewave Commercial Parody


Terrific commercial parody from Jordan, Jesse and friends.

Some language may be NSFW. Depending on whether your workplace is vagina-friendly.

Jesse on Sklarbro Country


Jesse recently visited Sklarbro Country (the podcast of Jason and Randy Sklar) to deliver a very funny fantasy report that does not discuss any aspect of the upcoming NFL season. You can find the episode, "Twitter King Me", here.

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