Wham Bam Pow Ep. 112 - Sicario

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Wham Bam Pow

This week, an era draws to a close, but not before we review the crime thriller Sicario. Plus, we relax the Star Wars news embargo a bit, Ricky admits he's warming to the Ghostbusters reboot, and it wouldn't be a Wham Bam Pow sendoff without some Back to the Future Part II chat. Thank you for listening, and SEE SPY!

You can keep up with Cameron, Rhea, and Ricky via Twitter: @cameronesposito, @RheaButcher, and @RickyCarmona.

The Last Episode of Rendered


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Rendered is retiring. It was not an easy decision, but it was necessary. This has been a labor of love for me and my team for many years now. Even though Rendered has only been around for a few episodes, many of you know that the show had a long history under the name “Destination DIY” before that. You may also know that Rendered is something that everyone who works on the show does in our spare time. (I also have a full-time job as a radio producer for a daily talk show.) I love making the show, but I realized that this way of working is just not sustainable. And that’s especially true because I’m about to take on a new DIY project: becoming a mom. My son is due in January and I expect that once he’s here I won’t have a lot of time outside of work.

But that’s really not the only reason that I decided to retire Rendered. I love the work of making the show. It’s given me so much creative freedom and endless opportunities to learn new things. But there’s a lot of other, non-creative work that I’ve taken on behind the scenes in order to keep it going. I actually own my own business. It’s not profitable, but I still have to file taxes for it every year. I keep track of invoices and W9s, apply for grants and, as you know, raise money from listeners. I also manage our social media accounts, update our website, maintain our mailing list etc. And when I decided to start my own radio show, I really didn’t think about any of that stuff. It just kind of built up over time. And doing all the administrative tasks took away from the time I was able to spend doing the creative work of actually making the show. So, my goal now is to keep making radio stories that you’ll be able to hear on other shows, but I just don’t have the capacity to keep up with the responsibilities of sustaining my own show anymore.

I wanted to make this Last Episode, mainly as a way to thank all of the great people who have helped to keep the show going over the years — from my amazing team to people who have been guests on the show and especially you, the listeners. The fact that you thought this show was worth your time means a whole, whole lot.

Archived shows will have a permanent home on the web at

Ongoing monthly donations will continue to support Maximum Fun programming and if you'd like to make any changes to your membership, you can do that here. Now that the show is ending, we will no longer be receiving funds from Maximum Fun.

A Short History of Rendered:
The show began in 2006 as a monthly, half-hour program on KBOO Community Radio and went on to be featured regularly on Oregon Public Broadcasting, as well as other public radio stations. For the past two years, the show has been primarily a monthly podcast. Rendered adopted its new name in 2015 after joining the Maximum Fun podcast network.

You may have some questions about what happens next. Feel free to email me at julie(at)renderedradio(dot)org.

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