MBMBaM 465: It’s Definitely Chodezilla


Catching the brunt of cold and flu season, which might be happening right now, we haven’t checked? Sounds like you need to up your daily intake of Vitamin Cheese. GOTTA get that good stuff in your bones.

Suggested talking points: BO Doctors, The Fussy Man, Weed Boy, Birthday Role-play, Donuts and to the Left, Pigland, Shaqaroni

Transcript available here

The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 267: Toolbox Full of Dildos (DS9 S4E18)


When the Chief comes home from a diplomatic trip, he’s got about 20 years more memories than he bargained for. But when a disgraceful secret from those memories threatens to push him over the edge, it will take the whole crew to keep him from self-dustbusting. Does Bashir practice any form of medicine other than memory wipes? Is Muñiz angling for the Chief’s job? Can you phaser out a bad aftertaste? It’s the episode we recorded while rocking twenty years of beard growth.

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The Jackie and Laurie Show #182: Kilgariff Money


This week on The Jackie and Laurie Show, Laurie wants to win the lottery, mingling wrinkles, and way to fix the unfixable

Comic of the Week: Maya May @mayaonstage

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Ep. 38: Go Fact Yourself with Mindy Sterling & Dylan Brody

Dylan Brody, J. Keith van Straaten, Mindy Sterling, Helen Hong, Kentaro Kameyama
Mindy Sterling & Dylan Brody
Kentaro Kameyama & Chris Claremont

Are you a true fashionista? Are you surrounded by the lore of classic comics? Do you just want to laugh and learn some great trivia? Whether you check one or all of those boxes, this episode of Go Fact Yourself is for you!

Mindy Sterling is an actor who’s perhaps best known for her role in the Austin Powers films. She’s also had several TV roles, earning her two Emmy nominations! The only problem was that those two nominations happened in the same year… and in the same category. You can find Mindy on Twitter and on Instagram.

Mindy will face off against author and humorist Dylan Brody! Dylan has made a career out of being funny. But he’ll explain why that’s changed in that profession as he got older. These days, he’s also interested in helping other people overcome their creative barriers to make what they’ve always wanted. To learn more, go to his website.

Our guests will discuss their passions, kitchenware and the finer points of telling jokes as a grown-up.

What’s the Difference: Home on the Range

What’s the difference between an oven and a range?

What’s the difference between a deer and an antelope?

Areas of Expertise

Mindy Sterling: How to put on makeup, decorating your apartment and "Project Runway."

Dylan Brody: Nikola Tesla, Korean Martial Arts and the John Byrne/Chris Claremont era "X-Men" comics.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong

Dylan Brody and Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling
Dylan Brody

With guest experts:

Mindy Sterling and Kentaro Kameyama

Kentaro Kameyama, fashion designer who won season 16 of "Project Runway."

Chris Claremont, New York Times bestselling author and writer of the bestselling comic book issue of all time.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at The Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.
The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

The JV Club Ep. 328: John C. McGinley

The JV Club
John C. McGinley

Boys of Summer rolls on as JV sits down with her friend and Stan Against Evil co-star John C. McGinley to yak about lazy susans and big families, endurance in sports and Broadway, and much more, including insight and information on Down Syndrome and the amazing Global Down Syndrome Foundation, which you can check out and support via this link!

Hosted by Janet Varney.

Edited by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

One Bad Mother, Episode 309: Camp Mom!

One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa are packing our bags for Camp Mom! Camp Mom…an exciting opportunity to save money and spend quality time with your children! It's as easy as staying up after the kids go to bed and outlining a syllabus of science, art, and movement activities that children of any age and any interest level will totally be into. Don’t forget meals! Be it Mom, Dad, a sitter, a grandparent or the dog next door, the counselor is in and doesn’t want talking after lights out. Plus Biz gets parenting tips and Theresa has a reminder.

Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at Parenting!

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Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
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Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 589: Live at MaxFunCon with Lynda Barry and Ken Jennings

Lynda Barry
Ken Jennings
Dan Deacon

Lynda Barry (Making Comics) and Ken Jennings (Omnibus podcast) join Jordan and Jesse live on stage at MaxFunCon 2019 for a discussion of Lynda's farmhouse homestead, Jordan's recent experience seeing the new Godzilla movie, and the different types of Jeopardy champions. Plus, Lynda and Ken go head to head in a ridiculous game with some help from Dan Deacon.

You can also watch this episode on YouTube!

MBMBaM 464: Face 2 Face: Peace with the Ground-Children


We bumped the Grand Ole Opry from the Ryman lineup to present our own twisted, skewed comedy to the fine folks of Nashville, Tennessee. It was a momentous show, if only for the fact that we finally struck an accord with the Sky-Warriors, and put a climactic end to our centuries-long, unbelievably costly battle.

Transcript available here

Troubled Waters Ep 9: Lance Bass vs Joey Fatone

Troubled Waters
Caroline Bloom
Will Campos
Chris Sullivan
Lisa Best

Will Campos, Lisa Best, Caroline Bloom and Chris Sullivan join host, Dave Holmes to settle once and for all who is the best NSYNC member, Lance Bass or Joey Fatone

Team Joey Fatone
Caroline Bloom and Chris Sullivan

Team Lance Bass
Will Campos and Lisa Best

This week, our contestants argue over karaoke etiquette, improvise movie theme song lyrics, and decipher terrible movie accents.

Will Campos wants to plug Story Break on Maximum Fun and recommends Champions of the Earth podcast.

Lisa Best wants to plug her comedy album, Brain Bank and recommends Guess I'm A Ghost.

Caroline Bloom wants to plug her short film, Da Capo and recommends Jazz Nights at LACMA.

Chris Sullivan wants to plug Guess I'm A Ghost and recommends Echo Park's Farmer Market.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes.

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Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

The Jackie and Laurie Show #181: Never Had An Exhausted Vagina


This week on the Jackie and Laurie Show, anyone can do comedy, all you have to do is dedicate yourself to it for at least 10 years.

Comic of the Week: Jacqueline Novak @jacquelinenovak

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