Who Shot Ya? Episode 89: 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' and the Difficulty of Adapting Video Games Into Film with Special Guest Host Ify Nwadiwe

Who Shot Ya?
Ify Nwadiwe

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Gotta catch 'em all? More like, gotta listen to 'em all. The Who Shot Ya podcast episodes, that is. This week we have a very special guest host, comedian and actor Ify Nwadiwe. This self-proclaimed "Turbo Nerd" is the perfect person to discuss Pokémon Detective Pikachu with Alonso and Drea. They chat about why video games have such a tough time being adapted into films. Plus, they confess the movie recommendations they most regret. And, as always, staff picks.

In news, the Avengers: Endgame editors had to go through 900 hours of footage, the backlash over Mel Gibson portraying Santa has begun, and Taylor Swift goes to cat school.

Staff Picks:

Alonso - Charlie Says
Drea - The Biggest Little Farm
Ify - Goodnight Mommy

With Alonso Duralde, Drea Clark, and Ify Nwadiwe.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 415: Gesundfight


Becca brings the case against their wife Bridgett. Becca says that Bridgett has terrible sneezes, and would like her to tone it down. Bridgett says this is just how she sneezes, and that Becca should let her sneeze in peace. Who's right? Who's wrong?


Affidavit from Britt

I, Britt, of New York, NY SWEAR THAT:

1. I have known Becca for ten entire years and have considered them a very best friend. I have known Bridgett for about 4 years and have witnessed the development of this relationship over time. I am a frequent guest of this couple’s household and enjoy their hospitality and cats.

2. On one occasion, Becca and I were watching a true crime documentary in their living room. Bridgett was in the kitchen cooking some sort of meal. What followed was an absolutely unacceptable eruption of sound, jolting me from my chair and resulting in me missing important details about the murder case. It was a “sneeze” produced by the defendant, and it was rude and unnecessary. Becca and I were both shaken, and we had to rewind the documentary to catch what we missed. I could only imagine the spittle that might have landed on at least 1 out of 4 cats.

An action such as this must be punished, in my opinion. I was but a witness to this event, but can only imagine the pain and hardship Becca has to endure each and every day.

Affidavit from Warren

I, Warren of Milwaukee, Wisconsin SWEAR THAT:

I have a friendship and former roommateship of nearly eight years with Bridgett, and a friendship of nearly six years with Becca, and as such have personal knowledge of the facts and matters herein and believe the same to be true.

I have witnessed Bridgett spilling lit hookah ash onto a carpeted floor;
I have fed Bridgett's cats out of necessity through her own negligence;
I have done Bridgett's dishwashing assigned to her -- particularly after asking her to do it multiple times over the course of weeks and at one point, more than a month;
I have suffered at the hands of fruit flies after Bridgett has not done her washing;
I have suffered at ants invading our pantry in response to poor cleanliness;
I have been fed raw egg products in the guise of "good cooking";
I have unclogged tub drains stuck with Bridgett's hair;
I have cleaned up spills, scuffs, scrapes, and stains left in Bridgett's wake -- especially alcohol that has become sticky;
I have had to deal with Bridgett's scattered clothing, which is always dirty clothes that haven't found the wash;
I have had to deal with extremely long baths in an apartment with only one bathroom;

I testify that due to such derogatory conditions of roommateship, I fled from Wisconsin to Connecticut for two years in order to heal from the traumatizing and monstrous behavior, and when that distance wasn't enough, I moved overseas. I have only just returned, only on the condition that I move to a new neighborhood and have a new roommate. I still avoid the neighborhood where Bridgett and I lived. I am learning to heal but it will take time.


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Judge John Hodgman Episode 402: Double Histameanor


Britton files suit against her boyfriend, Jackson. Britton is allergic to cats and avocados, but she won’t cut them out of her life! Jackson is worried about her health and would like her to stay out of contact with allergens. Who's right? Who's wrong?



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Ep 3 Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

Dr. Michele Sherman
Stephen Billington

On this week’s show, Paula and Adam get you acquainted with our beautiful North Hollywood studio locale. We talk to audiologist Dr. Michele Sherman about vital issues like whether earbuds are safe and why wax belongs in our ears and Q-tips don’t - and if they don’t, what the hell are Q-tips for, anyway? And cat rescuer and expert Leslie Ann Weiss explains how Paula should deal with her feral cat, Wednesday, and why she probably isn’t, in fact, feral.

Dr. Michele Sherman
Owner of Towers Audiology
Twitter: @TowersAudiology
FB: @TowersAudiologyCenter

Leslie Ann Weiss
Executive Director of SurfCat Rescue and Adoption
Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist
IG: @surfcatrescue
FB: @surfcatcafeandadoptions

House band:
Stephen Billington
IG: @sbillington14

We need a theme song!
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Show credits
Paula Poundstone - Host
Adam Felber - Co-host

Judge John Hodgman Episode 365: Across State Felines


Adrienne brings the case against her boyfriend, David. They are going to be attending graduate school in different states and cannot agree on how to handle custody of their two cats. Adrienne says it's more practical for David to take care of them but David thinks Adrienne will miss them too much. Who's right, who's wrong?



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Ep 5 Go Fact Yourself with Dave Holmes and Monique Powell

J. Keith Van Straaten
Helen Hong
Monique Powell
Dave Holmes

In this episode, writer, comedian and International Waters host Dave Holmes competes against Save Ferris’ Monique Powell. Holmes shares his number one piece of advice for game show host newbies like J. Keith, and Powell tells us about her hard-partying ways on last year’s Warped Tour. Monique’s areas of expertise include: cat behavior, home remedies, and brisket. Dave’s areas of expertise are: Broadway musicals, beer commercials and Melrose Place. Before their professed expertise is put to the test, however, J. Keith Van Straaten and Helen Hong will ask if their guests can explain the difference between venom, poison, and toxin, as well as the difference between a homonym, a homophone, and a homograph. Do YOU know the difference? Find out!

Appearing in this episode:
J. Keith van Straaten
Helen Hong
Dave Holmes, Host of International Waters and editor-at-large for Esquire Magazine
Monique Powell of Save Ferris

With guest experts:
Jessica Morgan, TV-recap writer extraordinaire and co-founder of the celebrity fashion blogGo Fug Yourself

Dr. Rachel Malamed, Veterinary Behaviorist

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show is recorded at the Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green
David McKeever is the Live Sound Engineer.
Maximum Fun's Senior Producer is Laura Swisher
The show is edited by Christian Dueñas

Switchblade Sisters Episode 10: The Legacy with Lotti Pharriss Knowles

April Wolfe
Lotti Pharriss Knowles

On this week's episode, April talks to producer, writer, and actress Lotti Pharriss Knowles about the 1978 supernatural horror, The Legacy. They discuss the hot chemistry of the leads Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott, their favorite death scenes, and, of course, cats! Plus Lotti talks about the making of her film Chastity Bites, the casting process, and her desire to produce a remake of The Legacy.

Lotti Pharriss Knowles' Chastity Bites is available on Amazon Prime.
And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch The Legacy.
With April Wolfe and Lotti Pharriss Knowles

You can let us know what you think of Switchblade Sisters at @SwitchbladePod on Twitter. Or email us at
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Judge John Hodgman Episode 324: Burden of Pooch

Monte Belmonte

Kate brings the case against her husband, Rob. Rob had a childhood dream of getting an Old English Sheepdog. Now they have one, and Kate says she is doing the majority of the dog care. She wants Rob to spend more time with the dog and become dog's best friend. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? With the return of Summertime Funtime Bailiff Monte Belmonte!



You can check out Rob's cocktail Instagram account @klecktails!

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 317: Deep in the Misanthropy Hole


Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn return to chambers this week to clear the docket. They discuss eggshell disposal, baseball team allegiance, white lies and more! Plus some follow up letters about cats!

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