Help us make more Primer for you!

We made Primer because we wanted to see something like it out in the world. So, we’ve already put in the money upfront to make this season. But we need to make sure we can cover the costs of the show before we can make a second season, and we’ve calculated that to be $25,000. If you love Primer and want more of it, please make a one-time contribution using the dropdown below (scroll down to learn more about gifts).

GOAL: $25,000


Thank you again for supporting Primer! We’ll update our fundraising totals daily so you can check back in on the progress. We’ll close the fundraising period on August 31, so we can make your gifts, and we’ll let you know if we’ll be able to make a second season for you!

Gifts for you!

All of the amounts below are for one-time contributions. The gifts stack, so if you give $100, you get all the gifts from the previous levels!

Gifts will be made to order after the fundraising period is over. We’ll contact you then with more information. Thank you!