How to Dress (Code)

Still Buffering

This week, the sisters dissect the history of the dress code because, well, honestly, Rileigh just really wants to be allowed to wear yoga pants to school.

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Yoga Pants

Great Show!
When I attended HighSchool several years ago *sigh*. Yoga pants were strictly banned from my school because girls were wearing them so tight they looked painted on and/or wore white yoga pants with bright colored underwear so you can see through the pant. I think this extreme use of the clothing may be the reason why they just blanket banned them everywhere.

Also, Jnco Jeans were the worst.

the hat/bandana thing is

the hat/bandana thing is because of gang affiliations, also , in my school boys couldnt wear pants with one leg rolled up, because that was also gang affiliated.

oh man. my middle and high

oh man. my middle and high school dress code in the 90s was that shorts/skirts had to be no more than 2 inches above your knees! it basically made it impossible to wear shorts and skirts to school at all. this applied to everyone, but boys' shorts fashion at the time was the long, skater type "shorts" that came below their knees.

-Bethany, Dallas TX