Stacey Molski

Stacey Molski is Maximum Fun's Member Relations Associate.

Stacey studied Art History and Theatre in college, then largely ignored that to work on the in-house creative marketing team for a company in New York that had a stellar office view. Before that, she worked as a stagehand, museum docent, freelance writer, and a historical interpreter at an 1890s living history farm.

Stacey is a recent transplant from New Jersey and will defend her home state forever. She currently lives in LA with her boyfriend, and although she wants a dog, she is not allowed to get a dog yet. Please do not let her get a dog, but please do send her pictures of your dog. She likes rock climbing, donuts, Jeff Goldblum, getting her friends to watch Survivor with her, and crushing candy with her workfriend Daniel Baruela in a very silly 60-second video series called Candy Crushers.

Stacey once won a year of free waffles from a food truck and is forever trying to top that accomplishment.

Contact: or 213-529-4059