Judge John Hodgman Episode 34: De Plane


For this case, we are joined by guest bailiff Jake Tapper, who you may know from his day job as ABC News Senior White House Correspondent and occasional hosting of ABC's This Week. Thanks again to Jake, who took time away from covering important political events to join us.

Elisabeth and Melissa are good friends and enthusiastic travelers, who often journey together on planes and in cars across the country. While their traveling styles mesh for the most part, they are divided on a hot-button issue: the correct way to de-plane once you've arrived at your destination.

Elisabeth, who prefers to take the aisle seat, believes that the aisle-sitter bears some burden of judgment, and may choose to wait a reasonable amount of time before stepping into the aisle, without asking permission of his or her seatmates.

Melissa, on the other hand, is frequently a window-seater, and believes that people should abide by the "row by row" rule as a general rule. Melissa thinks that Elisabeth (or whoever is aisle-sitting) should ASK before letting others off the plane before them.

WHO IS RIGHT, and WHO IS WRONG? Only Judge Hodgman can decide.



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Row by row

It goes row by row obviously.

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the Ready Position

I am a flight attendant; in other words, an expert witness. Melissa did not present her case properly. Row by row deplaning is the standard. People in a rush do jump up and deplane before their proper row. The aisle-sitter does make a judgement for their row. The question to ask is not "do you mind if i let people ahead?" The question is "are you ready to deplane right now?" If Melissa is ready to leave and Elisabeth is blocking her to let others pass, Elisabeth is wrong. If Melissa is not ready when her row's turn comes, Elisabeth is right to let others pass until Melissa is ready. Being ready was not brought up during the trial. I wish Judge Hodgman would re-try this one... billybatson

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