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Every week, Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin take the dumb issues in life that people care strongly about and settle the argument once and for all. No topic is too small or insignificant for them to dissect and decide! Whatever minutiae you argue with friends and family, don’t worry: We Got This.

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We Got This LIVE with Adam Savage at SF Sketchfest: Star Wars vs Star Trek!

01/10/2016 - 12:30 - 14:00
San Francisco
Venue Name: 
Punch Line Comedy Club

Come to our first live recording of We Got This at San Francisco Sketchfest! Mark and Hal are joined by special guest Adam Savage as they debate their biggest topic yet: Star Wars vs Star Trek!

With special opening act Carter Parton Rogers!


#38 - Best Comic Strip


You asked, we answered, reviewing over 100 years of comic strips and their characters to decide, once and for all, which is the best!
Topics include:

- Marriage Counseling
- Garfield Minus Garfield
- Napping on base

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#37 - Should We Keep The Penny?


Should we keep the penny? Believe it or not, this is subject of great debate, even in the government. Of course, you can only trust one source for the answer: Two actors/podcasters.

Topics include:

- Pirate booty

- Spencer's Gifts

- Taxpayer's money

#36 - Best James Bond w/ Matt Gourley

Matt Gourley

On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Mark and Hal are joined by podcasting superstar, actor extraordinaire and Bond lover Matt Gourley to make a decision For Your Ears Only: who is the best James Bond? They just may surprise The Living Daylights out of you.

Topics include:

- A surprise guest!

- Robert Davi and Matt's soul

- Terrycloth jumpsuits

#35 - Stick Shift or Automatic?


Mark and Hal sit down in NYC to talk about the wonderful world of driving, and whether stick shift or automatic reigns supreme!

Topics include:

- Hal's wardrobe

- Getting tickets

- Knuckle holes

#33 - Best Halloween Candy LIVE in NYC w/ John Hodgman!

Photo courtesy of Danielle Davis and Ladykiller
John Hodgman

Recorded live at (le) poisson rouge in NYC, Mark and Hal are joined by fellow MaxFun host John Hodgman to pick the best Halloween Candy once and for all!

Topics include:
- Razor Blades
- Carter Parton Rogers
- Good friends
- Foundering
- Surprise return guests!

Special thanks to Carter Parton Rogers for opening for us, (le) poisson rouge for the great venue and support, and to Danielle and the LadyKiller crew for making everything run smoothly!

#32 - Sandwich Smackdown

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Hoagies. Grinders. Subs. Wedges. There are so many names for cheese, meat, shredded lettuce, tomato, and oil and vinegar on a baguette, but there can be only one. What DO you call one of those sandwiches? Mark and Hal settle it once and for all.

Topics include:

- Hipster wagons

- Biased cuts

- Civic pride

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#31 - Best Muppet w/ Kirk Thatcher

Kirk Thatcher

In the third and final Dragon Con-versation of 2015, Mark and Hal sit down with the brilliant and hilarious Kirk Thatcher, who has worked with the Muppets as a creator, writer and director for 30 years. Who better to help pick the best Muppet than someone who's actually WORKED with all of them?!

Topics include:

- Punks on buses

- Rancor Monsters

- Eagles

- Jim Henson

- Polygamy

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#30 - Best TV Theme Song (w/ Mike Phirman!)

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Mike Phirman

In the second of their 3 Dragon Con-versations, Mark and Hal talk theme songs with Mike Phirman, the composer of the We Got This theme song and a hilarious and gifted musician/comedian/composer/person!

Topics include:
- Bass licks
- The Real Songs of The Real Housewives
- Lots of beatboxing and mouth music

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