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Kasper Hauser are one of the most acclaimed sketch comedy groups in the nation. They've won the prestigious Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, appeared on Comedy Central and This American Life, and are the authors of three books. Their podcast features audio, video, and visual comedy.

Podcast: Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Ep. 16: Beekeepers Convention


This week: Disaster strikes at the annual convention of beekeepers.

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The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast: Wedding Emergencies #3


Kasper Hauser show you what to do if your wedding gets out of hand.

Kasper Hauser: Wedding Emergencies Unit Two

Kasper Hauser

Kasper Hauser guide you through solutions to two wedding crises: Drunk Priest and Forgotten Rings.

Glinder and Glinder will fight for your Wedding Announcement

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Glinder and Glinder will fight for your Wedding Announcement.

"Virtual reality 'terrorist' group Kasper Hauser" hack into Obama's Blackberry...

| 30 comments least according to Iranian state media.

The Iranian State-funded english-language TV network Press TV is currently reporting that Kasper Hauser, the noted "virtual reality 'terrorist' group," of "cyber hackers" have plans to "circulate President Barack Obama's private text messages."

The folks at Press TV apparently only made it to the third paragraph of this story from "the far-right US television network" Fox News.

I'm disappointed, because that means they probably missed these awesome (and shocking!) excerpts from the book.

The book is out this week from Little, Brown, though. They got that right.

Kasper Hauser on NPR's All Things Considered


Rob from Kasper Hauser was interviewed by All Things Considered host Robert Siegel today about one of KH's two new books, "Weddings of the Times."

Kasper Hauser in the Wall Street Journal

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Noted humor publication The Wall Street Journal just published a lengthy story about one of Kasper Hauser's two (count 'em - two) forthcoming books, "Obama's Blackberry."

This is how Rob from Kasper Hauser describes their writing process: "It’s kind of like four clowns driving a clown car and each one has a steering wheel and at any time two of them are sad and there’s no food.”

You can check out the whole article here.

They even get a comment from Joe Biden's press representative. Apparently, the book isn't funny, because Joe Biden would never actually ask the President if he can leave at 4:45.

Trailer for Kasper Hauser's Weddings of the Times

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The Trailer for Kasper Hauser's upcoming book, Weddings of the Times.

It's here! The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast!


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Here's what you get:

A five-minute-or-so weekly audio sketch or comedy bit.

A weekly sample page from Kasper Hauser's new book, "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane." (as endorsed by George Saunders, Patton Oswalt, Fred Willard, John Hodgman, Dave Barry, David Foster Wallace and more!)

Plus videos every couple weeks...

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This week's show features a favorite, originally heard on The Sound of Young America: Phone Call to the 14th Century. We'll have never-before-heard stuff in the coming weeks.
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