Sawbones: Pregnancy Tests


Dr. Sydnee and Justin are having a baby, and they (embarrassingly) used a boring old pregnancy test to figure it out. This week, we save you from the same fate with a history of pregnancy tests that basically boils down to peeing on everything ever.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers



Loving the podcast and going back and listening.

Just noticed in this episode that you have a cat. Just hope you are aware of the precautions pregnant women should take around cats.

Pregnancy tests and cancer detection

Always enjoy the show.

I remember reading on Reddit last year that some guy's ex had left some pregnancy tests at his house, and just messing around he peed on one. The test showed positive, and when he posted about it on Reddit, somebody responded that he might want to go get checked out by a doctor. Apparently a hormone in cancer can turn the test positive.. turns out the guy had testicular cancer..

birth control

Hey Dr. Sydnee and Justin,

Love the show! I never miss it.

This discovery made me think of your episode on birth control:

Thought you might be entertained.

Thanks for the edification and the laughs!