Sawbones: John Kellogg's Odd Prescription


Lacking a little something in the bedroom? Well, if you're willing to give up what little you have left, John Kellogg is going to help you live forever. This week on Sawbones, Justin and Dr. Sydnee meet John Kellogg and investigate his peculiar predilection for yogurt enemas.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Sweat pants have another

Sweat pants have another name: give up on life pants.


I'm a doctor and find your show absolutely hilarious, stimulating and informative. The interplay between the two of you is just too much! The way Sydney lovingly accepts Justin's ignorance and the way Justin just keeps right on trucking makes me laugh out loud.
Thanks for the great work.
Hate to use this cliche, but the check's in the mail - I'm sending in a donation to Maximum Fun to support you guys.
Newport, RI


I don't have twitter but u just wanted to say that this is my favourite podcast. I actually listen to the episodes again and again. It's the best :) - Mandeep

Title Number

Hey guys,
Great show! Just a suggestion, if you could insert a dash and episode number after the title ( - #) would really help with following the show. Going by post date is fine but just a suggestion.