Sawbones: Hangovers


Holiday celebrating get a little out of control? Having troubling shaking that fuzzy feeling? Do you just have too many extra pickled sheep eyeballs lying around? This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin will walk you through the stomach-turning history of hangover cures.

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Hangover "Cure"

In my younger days I did quite a bit of drinking. While not a cure I found the best to work for me to address several of the worse symptoms of a hangover:

Upset Stomach

Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup: Take a can of chicken noodle soup, open the can and drink the juice straight from the can. I have found the combination of fat and salt seems to settle ones stomach. After ones stomach has settled some one can eat the noodles.


Spicy V8

The hot sauce in the Spicy V8 seems to help clear the sinuses, plus the vitamins in the V8 can't be bad for you. If the headache is real bad I will was down a couple of aspirin based sinus/cold pill with the V8.


Water,water,water. Drink lots of water, lots.

If one can tolerate it a cold shower is quite invigorating. I would imagine that there is some type of adrenalin boost from this. For those weak at heart putting your head under cold running water and splashing the face with cold water will work but not as effective.

If time allows sleep is always the best cure. :) Unfortunately the worse the hangover is directly proportional to how strenuous of a work day one has.

I enjoy the show and look forward to each new one. Keep up the good work.

Acetaminophen and alcohol

This is only with the basis of a single toxicology lecture, but when taking a pain reliever after drinking to try to stave off a hangover. Tylenol may not be the best option.

The alcohol (due to quantity) can outcompete for the enzymes that normally break down the Tylenol and can cause it to be more damaging than normal in the liver.

If You're already at the hangover stage, it's probably fine because the alcohol has already been broken down.