Pop Rocket Episode 95: Tricks and Treats!

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Oliver Wang
Margaret Wappler

Guy, Margaret and Oliver are talking tricks and treats (pop culture hoaxes and candy) this week on Pop Rocket’s second annual Spooktacular! Why are memoir hoaxes always the juiciest? Where do we draw the line between hoax and just straight up lies? Why are Snickers candy bars so fancy? Plus, Guy has a new Halloween/bar mitzvah song to share, Margaret talks A Million Little Pieces, and Oliver can’t stand Reese’s. Also, Producer Christian comes in for his millennial minute and talks horror videogames! I hear he’s a super chill dude.

With Guy Branum,Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Margaret Wappler - The White Stripes – City Lights
Oliver Wang - Eric B and Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke
Guy Branum - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

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Produced by Christian Dueñas and Kara Hartfor MaximumFun.org.