A wide variety of pins

Thank you again for a fantastic MaxFunDrive! We’re so grateful that 16,281 of you started supporting or increased your support during this MaxFunDrive!!! And we wouldn’t be here without the ongoing support of all MaxFun members. Thank you!

And now it’s time for one of our favorite traditions: our pin sale for charity! The pin sale is open now to all current MaxFun members and will run until 11:59pm PST April 12! Get to the store via your Membership Dashboard by following the instructions at maximumfun.org/manage or read on for more info!

The 2024 Pin Sale will support VoteRiders

This year, the proceeds from the pin sale will support VoteRiders, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to expanding ballot access nationwide. VoteRiders provides voter ID assistance so that every American citizen can cast a ballot that counts.

How to buy pins

This year, we’ve got a new way for you to access the pin sale. Instead of waiting for an email from us with a special code, all you need to do is click a link in your Membership Dashboard. That’s the same place you visit to adjust your membership details, update the shows you support, and customize your BoCo.

So when you’re ready to shop for pins, all you need to do is go to maximumfun.org/manage to get the secure Magic Link that takes you to your Membership Dashboard. Then just tap the button that says “Go to the store.”

A screenshot of the Go to the Store button from a membership dashboard

If you’re having trouble accessing the sale, please email membership@maximumfun.org so we can help.

Pin sale FAQs

  • Pins CANNOT sell out! Because we make our pins to order after the sale is over, it’s not possible for any pins to sell out. So don’t fret if you get to the shop later than other folks!
  • $10+/month members will have access to all of the shows’ pins. You’ll be able to buy any of the designs you saw during the MaxFunDrive.
  • Members at every level can buy our special MaxFunDrive 2024 network pin. It’s an adorable pin featuring our mascot, a squirrel named Nutsy, playing a fierce game of chess.
  • All pins are $10 each, with the exception of our all-members network pin featuring Nutsy–that one is $8.
  • We cannot offer refunds on purchased pins, so please keep that in mind!
  • The pin sale will close Friday, April 12. When it’s closed, it’s closed! No more buying pins! Be sure to make your purchases before then.
  • It’ll be some time before you get them. As mentioned, pins are made to order after the sale and will ship separately from MaxFunDrive gifts. We expect it will take around 3-4 months after the sale closes for pins to start shipping, but we’ll keep you posted via email. Please choose your shipping address accordingly.

Thank you again! Let’s raise some money for VoteRiders!

MaxFun Co-Op: Nutsy, the squirrel mascot of MaxFunHQ, staring quizzically at a chess board with his tail raised behind him.

A wide variety of pins