One Bad Mother Episode 126: Why Aren't These Kids Having Fun? plus guest Dr. Jessica Zucker on Postpartum Anxiety

One Bad Mother
Dr. Jessica Zucker

Biz and Theresa explore how intoxicating it is when we see our kids having fun and, just like being intoxicated, how bad it feels when we try to capture that buzz again and just can’t. Plus, Dr. Jessica Zucker returns to talk about postpartum anxiety and anxiety surrounding miscarriage, and shares with us her beautiful new line of pregnancy loss cards that we hope will reduce the stigma associated with miscarriage and grief.

Pregnancy Loss Cards
What To Say (Or Not) To Someone Who Has Had a Miscarriage (the cartoon)
Dr. Zucker on Good Morning, America
Dr. Zucker's NY Times Opinion piece
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Dr. Zucker's website

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