Ep. 44: The Kids Are Alright

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One Bad Mother
Vicky Charles

Brace yourselves! Biz and Theresa say nice things about our kids, our partners, and -GASP- even ourselves as moms! THE WORLD IS ENDING! Happy Valentine's Day, indeed. Plus, Biz collects urine and Theresa rocks the workout wardrobe. We speak with UK single-mom blogger Vicky Charles about being a single mom and being better for it after leaving an abusive partner.

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I'd buy that T-shirt...

At the end of the episode you guys said that there should be a t-shirt that says either "Don't" or more specifically "Yes...now don't". I'd buy that T-shirt. My wife is pregnant and I'm not looking forward to the day she comes home and breaks down because some dum-dum walks up and opens up their stupid pie-hole. I'm not the slickest of slicksters but even I know not to ask about the state of a woman's insides.

Anyway...I think it's a pretty decent idea for a slogan/T-shirt.