YouTube Comments on Ask the Optimist

Posted by Maximum Fun on 27th November 2007

The two parts of “Ask the Optimist” on Youtube have over 300,000 combined views. I estimate that of those 300,000, about 3 got the joke.

Here are a few prime comments:
“I hate to be an ass, but that was not good dude.I’m not saying you should give up, but go back to the drawing board pls.” – ShaneYnclan
“Boo!” – WaveRunner2008
“okokok reeeaaaaallllly not funny.” – tmg36
“this is very strange . dont really like it” joeyisme36
“Dear optimist,
Your videos are boring and provide no useful advice never once did you do a segment on what you should do if your best friend is a nickel named Phillip and you don’t know what you should get him for his bar mitzvah. Bored and Confuzzled” – Hockeyprincess87
“boring peice of cunt” – Smithy3713
“one thing this is the freakest shit ive ever seen dont make any more videos u fucken freak” – cool247

and perhaps most trenchant of all:
“PANTERA RULES!” – lolshax

See the video that everyone’s been buzzing about above! Part one is embedded, you should be able to click through to part two.