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Your 2009 Maximum Fun Drive Thank-You Gifts

Posted by Maximum Fun on 30th April 2009

The best part of the Maximum Fun Drive is, of course, the thank you gifts. Here’s a list of these amazing treasures just waiting to be claimed by new donors. These gifts typically go in the first few days of the pledge drive, so give quickly if you want them. There’s almost certainly something here you can’t live without. Click through for a full list.

To get a thank you gift, pledge at ten dollars or more a month, and indicate your top three preferences, in order, in the field provided. We can’t promise you’ll get your first choice, but if past experience is a guide, you should get one of your picks.

When you’ve decided what you want, click here to donate.





Plus two special gifts for donors at the $20, $100 or $200 level:

  • John Hodgman pack, featuring More Information Than You Require, the audiobook of Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman Hobo Chalk and More Information Than You Require taxonomy of knowledge poster
  • George Saunders pack, featuring a signed & numbered limited edition chapbook of Saunders short fiction, “A Bee Stung Me, So I Killed All The Fish,” plus George Saunders merchandise.

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