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WTF is this, Pharrell? and other new RAPS

Posted by Maximum Fun on 30th June 2006

Hear! as Fa Real embarrasses himself with the worst “Mexican accent” I’ve ever heard in ever on the hook of this otherwise blazing new Snoop single, “Vatos.” The man from VA needs to take note of the fact that people are getting seriously annoyed by him, and he hasn’t even put his record out. (Thanks to Spine Magazine)

And speaking of Spine… they have some great new stuff up right now.

This new Pharaohe Monch track is begging for an M.O.P. cameo. That’s a good look.

These two new Outkast joints are pretty decent, but not setting the world on fire. Big Boi is still bringing some dope new flows. Sounds like Scar on the track, based on the two Purple Ribbon mixtapes, I think he’s got a lot of potential.

This new AZ joint is fire. Better than the new Nas, I’d say. I bet AZ gets pretty sick of that comparison.

I guess Chino XL is serious about his comeback. A very talented guy who never put it together, but he’s bringing a new flow on this track, which has a nice beat from Cool & Dre. He needs to leave out the similes though. Seriously rappers: it’s not cute any more. Chino, please let Talib know about this.

Killer Mike PROMISES HE WILL NOT LOSE. This joint disses Black Owned C-Bone, which seems like a waste of effort. C-Bone apparently made a comment at a Purple Ribbon show which Killa Kill didn’t attend along the lines of “one monkey don’t stop no show.” Mike has responded by declaring himself King Kong. Sez Mike: “You know that wadn’t right. You know you was wrong when you did it. I hope you was raised betta than that. I hope yo’ side of town doesn’t, does not, Does Not, DOES NOT recognize you for the sucka you are.” LOLzers.