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We’ve passed 15,000! Thank you for a great MaxFunDrive!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 30th March 2024

We did it!! We made it to 15,000!!!

I’m writing this to you right after we wrapped our MaxFunDrive Live Finale Show (which you can watch here if you missed)!

A screenshot from the live show featuring Brea Grant, Ben Harrison, Drea Clark, and Mallory O'Meara

It was so good to be in a live audience with MaxFunsters, and I heard folks had a great time in YouTube chat. I enjoyed hearing about why faerie fiction is popular–some convincing points there–learning the dos and don’ts of writing a Eurovision song, and seeing a Scientology E-Meter in person for the first time. (Do you have any idea how much one costs?! Wowza.)

–> Watch the replay

Bonus Days through the weekend!

As usual, we’re leaving the lights on for anyone who wanders in on Saturday or Sunday—we call this Bonus Days. So if you’re coming in late to the Drive and you decide you’d like to join, we’ll leave the special thank-you gifts up until Sunday night.

As we mentioned in our last email, we figure getting to 15,000 is probably what we need to keep doing what we are doing, the way we want to do it (and we’ll know for sure once we’ve done the more detailed math). But if we go far enough beyond that, we could do even more! We’re hoping to get to 16,000 by the end of Bonus Days, and we’re already past 15,500, so it’s looking great!

Pin sale starts Monday!

Just a quick reminder that our pin sale benefitting VoteRiders starts on Monday. VoteRiders provides voter ID assistance so that every American citizen can cast a ballot that counts.

MaxFun Co-Op: Nutsy, the squirrel mascot of MaxFunHQ, staring quizzically at a chess board with his tail raised behind him.

As usual, members contributing $10/month or more can purchase all of the MaxFunDrive pins featuring shows from across the network, and all members are able to buy this year’s exclusive network pin.

If you decide to join before the sale closes on April 12, you’ll be able to get in on the sale.

If you’re already a member, we’ll send you more info on Monday. One important thing to note is that pins are made to order, so you don’t have to worry about anything selling out.

We matched 165 people with gift memberships! 

It’s true! 165 MaxFunsters bought a $5 gift membership for a person in the community they didn’t even know! (A bunch came in yesterday, so we still have some to match! If you’re on the waiting list, keep an eye on your inbox). The generosity of the MaxFun community knows no bounds.

The fact that 165 people spent their hard-earned money to make a stranger happy is extraordinarily kind. Thank you once again for being the coolest, nicest folks in the podcast audience world. We’re really lucky to have you.

You’re getting a Tabletop Hullabaloo!

A gif of a red and yellow D20 with the center triangle cycling through photos of hosts. Text: 15,000 Tabletop Hullabaloo

Austin Taylor’s psyched to get started on planning the Tabletop Hullabaloo for a dozen MaxFun hosts, and we’ll be dropping that in our MaxFun Presents feed when it’s ready (currently the home of March Malldness).

Thank you again for a great MaxFunDrive! And thank you for your support over all of these years. You make it all happen!

-Your forever thankful friends at MaxFun

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