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Weekend Edition Responds!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 5th February 2007

Last week, I wrote to NPR’s Weekend Edition, complaining about NPR’s editorial treatment of hip-hop culture. The reporter of the piece I referenced responded. Now, I’ve gotten a response from NPR – and what an eloquent, touching and personalized response it is:

Dear Jesse,

Thank you for contacting NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday.

We appreciate your thoughts.

Making decisions about covering the events that impact our everyday lives
is never easy. We make every attempt to ensure that the segments and
stories you hear on NPR programming, and the attention devoted to them, are
valid and appropriate.

We welcome praise, as well as criticism, and your thoughts will be taken
into consideration.

Additionally, your message has been forwarded to NPR’s Office of the
Ombudsman. For more information about the role of the NPR Ombudsman, please

We are grateful for your comments to NPR News. Your feedback is important
to us, and your thoughts have been noted.

NPR is always delighted to hear from listeners!

Thank you again for listening to Weekend Edition Sunday, and for your
continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and
information, visit

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