We Got A Real Red Wagon!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 8th September 2008

I love Waiting for Guffman, and liked Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. The latter two sometimes got a bit dull, and many of the characters fell flat for me. A Mighty Wind, in particular, struck me as a little long on nostalgia and short on humor. Fred Willard, though, is truly a special American. He could do this stuff in ANY context and I would think it was spectacularly hilarious.

Seriously, I think if Fred Willard was on Entourage I would love it. If he was just working at a Taco Bell, I would think it was hilarious. A real Taco Bell. He could do this same schtick for 45 minutes straight, and I would laugh the entire time.

There is only one Fred Willard.