Five days until Max Fun Drive. March 18-29 2024.

Two live (and livestreamed) extravaganzas!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 13th March 2024

Hi there!

MaxFunDrive is less than a week away! Make sure to listen to the new eps of your favorite shows from here on out! For now, some updates…

Live shows at the Elysian (and on your couch!)

Jordan, Jesse, Go! and the MaxFunDrive Finale Show are both happening live in person at the Elysian Theater in the LA neighborhood of Frogtown (great name)! But don’t worry if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can stream both of these shows from the comfort of your home.

🏎️ Jordan, Jesse, Go! 

A flyer for the Jordan, Jesse, Go! show

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is hosting a sure-to-be-hilarious live show to fundraise for the MaxFun co-op! Special guests will include Jackie Kashian, Chris Estrada, Ify Nwadiwe, Rob Huebel, Kimberly Clark, Carrie Poppy, Steve Agee, Christian Duguay, Cephalopods Are People, and more!

Date: Sunday, March 24, 3pm PT

Tickets: $20 in-person (or stream it for free, but you gotta RSVP!)

→ Get tickets or RSVP for the livestream

🎙️ MaxFunDrive Finale Show

A flyer for the Finale Show. "Text: Your Emcees: Danielle Radford and Jordan Crucchiolla." All guests listed at the link destination.

We’ll also be gathering at the Elysian to celebrate the end of the Drive on March 29 in our first in-person finale show in several years! It’s going to be an extravaganza of laughs featuring over a dozen MaxFun hosts.

Date: Friday, March 29, 5pm PT

Tickets: Are you a MaxFun member? Then you (and a plus one) are invited to join us in-person at the Elysian for free! If you’d like to become a member, joining during MaxFunDrive is a great way to support us. The drive starts this Monday (March 18), and the ticket link will still be open if you want to join and reserve your free tickets then!

→ Reserve your tickets

If you’re not a member and aren’t up for joining right now (or if you’re a member who lives too far outside of LA to join us at the venue), you’ll still be able to enjoy the free livestream for the finale show over on our YouTube channel!

→ Set a reminder on YouTube

Looking for a new podcast app?

If you use Google Podcasts or Radio Public, you probably know both of those apps are shutting down in the next few weeks. So take a few minutes now to get yourself set up on a new podcast app. Unsure where to go?

At MaxFun HQ, most folks use Pocket Casts, which works for both iOS and Android. Some Apple users also use Overcast and Apple Podcasts. So, hopefully between those recs you’ll find an app you like!

Meetup Day and other fun events!

Current 2024 meetups: Laguna Hills, California; Burbank, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Tampa, Florida; St. Louis, Missouri; Brooklyn, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Carleton Place, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario; Berlin, Germany.

Meetups have started rolling in! Check to see if there’s one in your town, or create a meetup by picking a place in your town and email to let us know. We’ll help spread the word.

I (Stacey) met three new friends at the last MaxFun meetup. Go to a meetup and meet some new pals. If you’re in LA, maybe that will be me!

And keep a tab open with our events calendar for the next couple of weeks! More and more fun stuff is getting added each day, like One Bad Mother trivia and Warhammer painting with Stuart Wellington!

→ Meetup Day page

See you next week–we’re going to have a very fun surprise for you on Day 1, and that’s just the beginning!

— Your friends at Maximum Fun

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