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Trailer Park Boys’ New Show

Posted by Maximum Fun on 12th November 2009


The actors behind The Trailer Park Boys have a new show in development (albeit without writer/director Mike Clattenburg).

Here’s what the Ottawa Citizen has to say.

It includes three grown men working on a children’s show in the sleepy town of Port Cockerton (of course) called The Happy Funtime Hour. But they don’t stray that far from their drunk and cursing former selves.

The guitarist from the rock band Rush, Alex Lifeson, shows up as a scientist to teach children about nutrition, but somehow creates an addictive hallucinogen from local berries. The cast then unknowingly ingests the drug and begins to believe they are the characters they are portraying on the show — including deranged pirates, playboys from a 1980s television show and a group of not-very-super superheroes. There is also the added problem of a dysfunctional crime family that runs Port Cockerton, and a dangerous cult somewhere in there. Okaaaaaaaay.

And then the series promises to turn all this into a Monty Python-esque sketch show.