Posted by Maximum Fun on 20th July 2006

I’ve never been to a comic book convention, but as I understand it, if you’re gonna go to one, San Diego’s Comicon is the one to go to. Primarily, I am told, because of the non-comic-book content. The event is jam packed full of cool stuff for the nerdish type. Lots of great people will be there, including Jordan Morris, “Boy Detective” (he’ll be signing autographs from the main floor… he’ll be the kinda nerdy guy walking around buying comic books and so on).

Anyway, even more fascinating than the actual convention is something called “Tomicon,” which is a parallel convention our pals Tim & Eric from Tom Goes to the Mayor are putting on. It seems that they will be meeting at some sort of hotel or restaurant, then marching to the real (err… larger) convention. Sounds like it will be every bit as awkward as the comedy on their TV program. I say hurray!