Tiny Victories came to a close this month

Posted by Stacey Molski on 16th November 2023

Tiny Victories dropped their final episode on November 6, and we’re already missing hearing about everyone’s small wins! Laura House and Annabelle Gurwitch shared some words about the show and why they’ve decided to end its run. We here at Maximum Fun are so grateful to the show for helping to give us a tiny victory frame of mind–a few of us have even called in to the show over the past three years. We’ll miss Annabelle and Laura, but we’re really excited to see what they do next!

Here are a few words from Annabelle and Laura: 

It has been an absolute joy to create and share Tiny Victories, so it’s with many mixed feelings that we’ve decided to conclude the podcast. We both are feeling spread too think to devote the time and energy we need to make the show every week.

We are so grateful to our incredible listeners for getting tiny with us over the past three years. We’ve loved getting to hear about tiny victories from nearby and around the world. And have found that when we unpack the tiny, it’s often big. We’re overcoming old patterns, letting something painful go, or experiencing a new joy.

We appreciate the podcast home and support we’ve enjoyed from Maximum Fun. Our editors Christian Dueñas and Nihar Patel for their deft skill and patience. And our incredible producer Laura Swisher, not only for shaping and guiding the show, but also for being a wonderful friend and support.

We hope to keep crossing paths with listeners, because now you all feel like friends. Not that we have to get “Tiny Forever” tattoos, but we’re open. And if you have tiny victories to share, hit us up on the socials, we’ll always want to celebrate them with you. Stay Tiny, friends!

– Annabelle & Laura

Thank you for all of your support of Tiny Victories! Past episodes of the show will continue to be available on the RSS feed and on maximumfun.org for streaming or downloading. If you’d like to keep up with Annabelle and Laura and all of the wonderful projects they’ve got going on, follow them on Twitter at @LAGurwitch and  @imlaurahouse and on Instagram at @annabellegurwitch1 and @imlaurahouse.