Three Big Announcements, One New World!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 20th February 2007


I hinted on the forum a week or two ago that there were three big announcements that I was holding under my hat that would change the future of The Sound of Young America. Now they will be heard!

Announcement One

A four-week test run of The Sound of Young America premiers this Sunday on KXOT-FM in Seattle/Tacoma. This is our first ever major city station. I know I already announced this, but still, it’s pretty kick-ass.

Announcement Two

We’re proud to announce our new underwriter, Project Breakout. They’re an internet startup — kind of a cross between YouTube and American Idol. I’m helping them a bit with their comedy section, and they’re helping to support the show. You’ll hear some tasteful announcements in TSOYA shows (ala public radio underwriting announcements), and some similarly tasteful short discussions on JJGo. Probably we’ll put a logo up on the blog here that yu can click on. By the way — the comedy section will launch soon and they’ll be looking for sketch and filmed web comedy, but in the meantime, you can enter the viral video contest they have up already. That’s pretty anything-goes.

Announcement Three

The Sound of Young America will have an 11-week trial run on WNYC-FM in New York, one of the nation’s biggest and best public radio stations, beginning March 4th. The show will air every Sunday at 6PM.

Announcement Four (not a real announcement)

Thank you. Seriously, thank you. The work here is far from done, but this is some exciting shit.