A wide selection of pins

The pin sale begins today and all proceeds go towards Give Directly!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 27th July 2020

Thanks again to everyone who’s joined, boosted, upgraded, or spread the word about the MaxFunDrive! This is a weird year, and you’ve all been incredibly supportive. As you know, we didn’t set a new and upgrading members goal this year, which is how we usually decide whether or not we have a pin sale. This year, we opted to have a pin sale no matter what our number ends up being.  The exclusive enamel pins will be on sale for a limited time for all active members at the $10 monthly membership level or above — with proceeds going to charity.

This is a limited-time sale. It begins today (Monday, July 27) and will close on Friday, August 14 at 11:59pm PT, so don’t wait! You will not be able to purchase pins once the sale has closed.

If you are eligible to buy a pin, you will be getting an email later today from the membership@maximumfun.org email address (please search your spam folder, too). This email will include all of the details you’ll need to purchase pins, and for some of you, it might mention information that we need from you in order to process your MaxFunDrive gifts, so please do read the email carefully!

If you qualified for a gift pin this year, please note that the pin sale is just in case you want additional pins. It’s separate from the thank-you gifts we’ll be sending along to new and upgrading members.

If you’d like, you can check out all the pins again to decide on your order ahead of time. And don’t worry about anything selling out – the pins are made to order (which is why it will take some time for these pins and for your MaxFunDrive gifts to arrive). We have to wait until after the pin sale to order the pins, so if you are eligible for MaxFunDrive gifts*, hang tight. We expect the gifts and the purchased pins to start arriving separately about 16 weeks after the pin sale ends.

As you know, Maximum Fun will not keep the proceeds from this sale (the best way to support your favorite shows is through your monthly membership, as always – thanks!).

The proceeds from the pin sale this year will support Give Directly. We’re grateful that, with your support, we’ll be able to help provide COVID-19 cash relief to families in need across America.

So, check your email in a couple of hours to get yourself some wonderful pins and support a great cause!

Thank you again!

*Please note, cancelling your membership or altering your membership level may affect gift eligibility.