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Posted by Maximum Fun on 21st November 2007

Hey all…

I’m headed out of here to go home to the Bay and and spend the holiday with family. I won’t be back on the web or email much at all until next week.

I feel really great about what I have accomplished this year, and most of that accomplishment came directly from folks offering helping hands.

First and foremost, the dozens of listeners and blog readers who donate to support the show. Without you, I couldn’t be doing this work full-time right now, even with national distribution and all that stuff. Donations are what keeps the machine churning. So thank you to everyone who’s donated.

Secondly, thanks to the many folks who’ve offered other kinds of help. Obviously, the folks at PRI like Mike and Heidi who reached out to me and brought the show on board, despite the fact that it remains really an experiment. Also to the folks at stations like Chris and Terry who reached out and convinced me by their actions that maybe doing this kind of show wasn’t totally crazy. Of course Ian and Aaron and Emma and Tim and Stefan who’ve worked directly with me and done a uniformly superb job, for much less money than they’re worth. And also to the many folks I’ve met along the way, like the Kasper Hauser guys, John H, Jenna at the Second City, Nick and all the many other folks I won’t name who’ve just taken it upon themselves to help out this year, generally without me even having to ask. I can’t tell you how excited I was when Paul Scheer sent me that picture of him wearing a TSOYA shirt at the MTV something-or-other awards :).

One of the toughest things about doing the show, especially in the couple years between Jordan and Gene leaving and all this great stuff happening, was feeling alone. That’s always a hazard in radio — who knows if anyone’s out there listening. Help from all of you has really made this year the best in Sound of Young America history, and for that I’m very thankful.