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Thanks to our challenge donors!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 1st May 2009

More than 50 existing MaxFun donors have stepped up to the plate this pledge drive to challenge new donors to give.

These good people, who already give to MaxFun, have offered a bounty of $11 for each new donor we bring in. This is vitally important for us, since it helps cover the tremendous cost of the pledge drive (last year we spent $3000 on postage alone). My sincere thanks to all of these good folks, and perhaps most importantly: let this be a challenge to those of you who don’t yet donate!

All the challenge donors are after the jump.

Aaron Burdette
Alex Pfordresher
Allison Fogel
Andy Georgen
Bart Lammey
Bryce Benton
Carrie Griffin
Chad Reiss
Chris Grosklos
Chris Vendrick
Claire Natkin
Dan Kerstetter
Dan Manchester
Dan Sai
David Haney
Dudley Flanders
Ed Madson
Elisabeth Geier
Erin Peterson
Eugene Ahn
Grace Sabots
J Briggs
Jennifer Harris
Joe Howley
Jonathan Bissell
Josh Bearman
Kane Daniel
Karen Ho
Kelly Booth
Kelly Testerman
Kenneth Lecky
Kristin Bouwmeester
Lindsay Hoover
Lisa Strid
Mark Ceritelli
Mer Baum?
Mike Violette
Neil Chazin
Nick White
Rebecca O’Malley
Rick Katschke
Ron Foster
Roz Warren
Russ Woods
Scott Simpson
Sean Bennett
Sean Hannan
Sherol Scott
Wanye Pishue
Will Metz
William Hughes