Thanks (and a favor)

Posted by Maximum Fun on 19th October 2008

A bunch of stuff just came up in my google blog search feed for “Jordan Jesse Go.” I want to thank Finefilter, Dead Chicken Society and Collective Family for their kind words about the show. When you write about us on your blog, or link to us in your blogroll, or review the show in iTunes, we do check it out and really sincerely appreciate it.

The great challenge of creating media for the internet is that it’s tough to get noticed when the sea of content goes on forever. It’s like floating out in the deep ocean with one of those blinky lights on the shoulder of your flotation vest — even if you’ve got a particularly bright blinky light, the rescue plane has to fly right overhead if you’re gonna get picked up. Long odds. Tough to connect.

I was talking about this problem the other day with my pal Lonely Sandwich as we watched our dogs play at the dog park. There are certain kinds of things which lend themselves to internet popularity. You can be outrageous in some way, you can be extremely timely, you can be illustrative of an absurd amount of effort… none of which describe The Sound of Young America or Jordan, Jesse Go!.

You can of course advertise as well, but when your income’s from donations, and a five-digit listener base translates to a three-digit donor base, that’s a losing proposition.

So: I rely on you to spread the word. I’m proud of the work I do, whether or not it’s a hot topic in the blogosphere or easily indexed by search engines.

If you like the shows, or this blog, please share them. In real life, on your facebook or myspace, on your blog, in your blogrolls, via email, whatever. And thank you.