Thank You for An Incredible MaxFunDrive!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 1st April 2019

The 2019 MaxFunDrive has officially come to an end! We hit 25,000 new and upgrading members during our live show, and the energy in that room was astounding. It was a special thing to hear a roomful of people cheer and celebrate this community coming together (it legit made a few of us tear up a little). BUT we didn’t end at 25,000 – after our Weekend Amnesty period, we ended up with 28,513 new and upgrading members!!! Holy moly. Thank you all so, SO much!

Every #MaxFunDrive is an exciting time, but for some reason this one felt extra exciting. We had a rough start technology-wise, but you all didn’t let that slow you down! You showed up in full force to sign up as new members, upgrade your existing memberships, or spread the word about the drive and the network to all of your friends on social media. It’s genuinely moving to see how much these shows affect the daily lives of so many wonderful people like you. And it’s truly amazing when people decide to voluntarily contribute money every month to support shows that they believe in – which they could totally get for free! It’s a sign of something we all know and always keep in mind: the hosts and producers on the network, and the network itself, could not do this without you. Whether you’re a newly minted MaxFun member, a 2019 upgrader, or someone who is supporting our shows with an ongoing monthly membership: thank you!

And if this wasn’t the year for you to become a member, we love you and thank you too! We are so glad to have you as listeners and to have you in the community. You did such a great job spreading the word to folks, and we couldn’t have done this without you, either!

Now that the drive is over, here a couple of quick things to know:

Watch a replay of Friday’s live show!

On Friday, we had an amazing time counting down the end of the drive and watching a bunch of MaxFun hosts play parlour games at the Angel City Brewery. ALSO, JESSE SANG A SONG. You can watch the whole thing again (or for the first time) at You’ll have to provide your own ice cream treats this time, though.

Thank-you gifts

If you became a new monthly member at the $10 level or above during the 2019 MaxFunDrive, or if you were able to upgrade to the next membership level, we’ll be sending you a gift to say thanks for taking the plunge. (Folks at the $5 level and up should already be able to dive into 200+ hours of bonus content – please email us at if you need access!) We send the physical gifts to production after the drive is over, so we know how many to make, and in this case, we will be waiting until after the pin sale, as well. So, gifts will probably start shipping in July, but we’ll keep everyone posted on the production process via email. Please keep in mind that cancelling your membership or changing your membership level may affect your gift eligibility.

Pin sale for charity

Since we hit our goal of 25,000 new and upgrading members, we will be putting the enamel pins on sale for a limited time for all active members at the $10 monthly membership level or above — with proceeds going to charity. We are working on setting up the shop for you, but it will take a little bit of time to get it ready. If you are eligible to buy a pin, we’ll be sending you an email in a couple of weeks with further instructions and details about the sale. In the meantime, you can check out all the pins again and decide on your order. Once we’re ready for the sale, we’ll be posting and emailing and blogging everywhere so you won’t miss it!

Transcripts announcement

In case you missed it: On Friday, we made an important announcement regarding transcripts, which you can read in full here: (For those of you interested in the role, please note: we have not started the hiring process yet. Once we are ready to hire, we will post a notice on our website and our social media accounts, and we will also list details on When we are in a position to review and respond to applications, we would be happy for all of you to apply.)

Thank you again for a tremendous MaxFunDrive!