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Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th March 2006

Yes, South by Southwest is upon us again, that annual celebration of indie rock types celebrating themselves and each other.

Anyway, let’s say we were there (we’re not… also, why are we using the royal we?). We would probably take a long look at the hip-hop lineup, then buy our Devin the Dude tickets.

The AV Club is there, and they’re doing more conventional stuff, like stalking the guy from Dinosaur Jr.

Also, on the New Sincerity front, kudos to the San Francisco metal chick (and dudes) who brought their rolling concert van to Austin. I’ve been thinking about how New Sincerity metal is, but I know nothing about it. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a metal show, with one of those new indie-metal bands and Brian Posehn.