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Susan Ching’s Blog, by Jarrett Grode

Posted by Maximum Fun on 10th December 2007

Today was OK. I think Sung has a crush on me because his homiez always try to clown on him when I walk over to their group at lunch, like, “Hey Sung, why don’t you tell Susan about your plans to become a dope MC?” and “Susan, I bet you weren’t aware that our boy Sung here is campaigning to rename our clique Playerz United!” That is embarrassing because their name is already “Tha Remarkable Crew” and it’s not going to get any better than that! Then Sung gets all quiet and tries to compliment my calculator. Hell-o, you have the same one! I guess he’s cute but he’s so shy, but in a way where you know he wants to be cool. And he needs a haircut because his fade does not form right angles anymore. Re-bleach the tips while you’re at it! Ohmigod, that sounded mean. I’m not trying to be, it’s just that I don’t think I like him. More than a friend, I mean.

Susan Ching’s blog, by Jarrett Grode.